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Salvia Divinorum and DPH Trips

         Salvia and DPH are extremely potent and typical Psychedelic. It is well known for its often steady and handy effects, which caused it to be used as more of a spiritual aid in the early days than a recreational hallucinogen. Salvia (Salvia divinorum) is a plant belonging to the mint family. […]

How can Salvia Divinorum help treat Depression

         A growing number of the population are taking salvia for its consistent hallucinogenic effects, especially to treat depression. Salvia divinorum, a flowering plant in the mint family is also referred to as diviner’s sage, magic mint, or purple sticky. It was originally used in religious rituals by the holy men of […]

Salvia divinorum or Legal highs? The Most Potent of the Two

         Classifying Salvia based on its effect is quite selective and through this, the conclusion can be made without much ado. Though many people are curious about the classification of this herb and its legal status, but the truth is Salvia Divinorum is literarily termed as a psychoactive plant. Salvia was initially […]

The Psychedelics Adverse Effects

            Psychedelic drugs are considered to be less addictive in general compared to stimulants and opioids. It is said to be less likely to be abused on a long term basis long term, and less likely to cause intense physical side effects or overdose. They are often thought of as […]

Salvinorin Extraction

The primary and active ingredient in salvia Divinorum leaves is known as Salvinorin A, which is the compound that performs wonders in Salvia Divinorum. The process of extracting Salvinorin A from salvia leaves is known as Salvinorin Extraction, while the end product of this process is known as Salvia Extract. Traditionally, salvia leaves were always […]

Spiritual Awakening vs Psychosis

Spiritual Awakening vs. Psychosis          Throughout history, spiritualists have researched and experimented with various methods and techniques, including psychosis, to establish contact with the unseen realm. The Mexican shamans have used Salvia divinorum for years as a medium for spiritualistic alchemy. The ancient Aztecs used the herb to connect with their Gods. […]

Salvia Divinorum: Uses, Benefits, Dosages, Trip time

          Salvia divinorum herb is a psychoactive plant commonly known as diviner’s sage or seer’s sage, and it produces dissociative effects and hallucinations when used. It generally grows in marshes and swamps. Mazatec shamans used this herb for several years during spiritual healing. The shamans would sit or lie down in […]

Top 3 Best Hallucinogenic Herbs for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and just because you are busy with kinds of stuff at work doesn’t mean your relationship should suffer for it. If you’re looking to liven up your romance on St. valentine’s Day– you know, the natural way, and you’ve got to keep it honest. Instead of cutting flowers that will […]