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Salvia Divinorum: Uses, Benefits, Dosages, Trip time

          Salvia divinorum herb is a psychoactive plant commonly known as diviner’s sage or seer’s sage, and it produces dissociative effects and hallucinations when used. It generally grows in marshes and swamps. Mazatec shamans used this herb for several years during spiritual healing. The shamans would sit or lie down in a quiet place after ingesting the leaf of this plant. According to them, this herb had divinatory psychedelic properties.

Salvia Divinorum Herb Benefits and Legality

         This herb does not have the effects of other illegal drugs like marijuana and cocaine; hence this herb is not considered illegal in Mexico. Salvia divinorumb her contains salvinorin A, a diterpenoid that is less toxic. Using salvia calms the nerve with Feelings of detachment and Improved disposition. It also gives contact with entities or other dimensions in a short hour of usage. It’s not a good party herb but effective indoors with a partner.


        The Mazatec shamans have been using this drug for medicinal purposes. Studies are conducted on the medicinal properties of this drug. This drug is used in the treatment of a sore throat, headache, common cold, stomach -upset, migraines, psychosis, diarrhea, lamb belly, insomnia, anxiety, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, anemia, rheumatism, chronic pain, diuretic, treatment of Anemia, Rheumatism, and Headaches. It also has the possibility of curing Alzheimer’s, Depression, Chronic Pain, etc.

Salvia Divinorum Herb Benefits

         Since salvinorin-A helps inhibit excessive intestinal motility, it is used in digestive problems. Due to its analgesic properties, it is used in treating various joint pains and aches. It is also used to treat cocaine addiction due to the natural kappa upload agonist present in the herb. Recent studies have suggested that this drug can effectively treat diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and HIV. Since this drug has a lot of medicinal properties, it can be used to treat numerous health-related conditions without any side effects.

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         Salvia does not kill people, is non-addictive, has extensive medicinal uses, and it is practically impossible to overdose on it. The only contradiction is that salvia is not to be experimented with alone;, Especially in high quantity, because some people may panic from its hallucinogenic effect. These effects last a short amount of time, and a person can quickly snap back into reality by dousing with icy water.

       This natural hallucinogen is very potent but does not produce effects like other drugs such as marijuana, LSD, or cocaine. Salvia divinorum herb is available in both powder form and liquid form. The extract is obtained from dried leaves, which are very potent.


       This psychoactive herb produces effects like uncontrollable laughter, past childhood memories, moving sensations, twisting or pulling sensations, and visions of two-dimensional surfaces. It also merges with living and non-living objects, feeling of living in multiple locations at a time, glossolalia which is a part of few religious traditions, vivid imageries, the sensation of traveling to other planets, poetic experience, and time distortion.

Salvia Divinorum Herb Trip and Trip time

        This drug’s hallucinating and visionary effects usually last from five to fifteen minutes. The comedown period for this drug is approximately twenty to forty minutes before the return to baseline. The users of this drug have reported no hangovers or negative effects. Some people may experience lightheadedness when taken in high doses. Salvia divinorum is usually taken in the form of smoking, quid chewing, and tincture.


        As a final note on Salvia divinorum herb, it is non-addictive like marijuana and cocaine; hence, this herb is not considered dangerous. This is why it is legal in most states. To buy salvia, for the sake of quality and timely delivery, place your purchase on Search the website “Buy Salvia Now,” and your order will immediately be shipped to your doorstep.

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