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Good Set and Setting for A First Salvia Experience

The term “Salvia Setting” has become increasingly popular in recent years. It describes a state of mind that is focused and relaxed, allowing the user to experience heightened states of awareness and creativity. This state of mind is achieved through Salvia divinorum, a powerful psychoactive plant native to Mexico. Salvia Has Been Around for Ages […]

Salvia + Beer – A Bad Combination?

Salvia and beer are two substances that have been known to interact in ways that can be dangerous. This article will explore the risks of taking salvia + beer and discuss why it is not a good idea. We will also look at some potential use cases of salvia and beer and the potential risks […]

Hygiene for Bongs and Vapes Every Smoker Must Know

Smoking bongs, vapes, and pipes have become popular amongst people of all ages. It is seen as a way to get high while being relatively safe and easy. Bongs are usually made of recycled glass and typically have a wide bowl at the top where the material is placed and water at the bottom to […]

Salvia Garden: Why Salvia is The Ultimate Candidate for You

Salvias and other ages have existed for millennia, but until recently, the immense benefits of the herb were discovered. Many people who use Salvias for various purposes have never toyed with the idea of cultivating their salvia in their backyard. That is mainly because little information about the salvia garden exists out there. Additionally, the […]

Bongs and Pipes: Differences in Features and Functions

If you are a regular salvia user, you understand that there are many ways to consume it. One way is by smoking it with a bong or pipe. However, many people do not know the differences between these two items. The debate between bongs and pipes among smokers is a never-ending one. For this reason, […]

Best Salvia Burning Equipment on Amazon in 2022

All salvias can be consumed in different ways. You can either choose to chew and swallow it, chew and spit, or soak it in a solvent before drinking. However, these techniques can only be used if the leaves are fresh. But did you know that sages are also smoked, just like cannabis? Well, the absorption […]

Best Selling Salvia Bathing Soaps and Candles on Amazon

Salvias, popularly known as sages, are consumed in various ways worldwide. Generally, these are green herbs known to come with many health benefits for the user. While most people prefer consuming directly through ingestion, some would take it indirectly using salvia-infused soaps, candles, oils, and more. These plant-based products reduce the possibility of one experiencing […]

5 Potent Salvia Products You Didn’t Know Originated from Asia

Also referred to as sages, Salvia products are of many types and originate from various parts of the world. Most salvias are native to North and Central America. However, some come from other parts of the world or originated there. This article will look at salvias you probably didn’t know were created in various parts […]