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Spiritual Awakening vs Psychosis

Spiritual Awakening vs. Psychosis

         Throughout history, spiritualists have researched and experimented with various methods and techniques, including psychosis, to establish contact with the unseen realm. The Mexican shamans have used Salvia divinorum for years as a medium for spiritualistic alchemy. The ancient Aztecs used the herb to connect with their Gods. Salvia divinorum is known for its healing properties, and it has been found that spiritual awakenings are possible after ingesting Salvia in sufficient amounts. This effect might be due to the presence of a very active hallucinogenic component within the plant named Salvinorin A.

           The psychological and physical effects caused by the herb can be overwhelming at times. People who have ingested Salvia report feeling dislodged from their bodies and being “one” with objects or entities. Some users even claimed they could contact spirits after using the herbal plant. In this modern age of increasing non-believers, many people find it hard to believe the possibilities of such a divine and spiritual occurrence induced by ingesting nothing but a plant extract.

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Spiritual awakening

 It links the spirit with an out-of-body experience (unseen realm). It includes religious visions or spiritual experiences. Spiritual awakening is not related to seizures and is not medically related (i.e., not schizophrenia or bipolar disorder). Spiritual awakening typically does not interfere with daily life in cases of diagnosed Psychosis or a Psychotic disorder.

       It does not require any treatment as it is encountered under the influence of an act and only lasts for a specified period. The relevant experiences are generally assessed by examining the people’s culture, interests, and beliefs. Therefore, it is not treated if there are no physical or neurological signs of the disorder.


It is a mental disorder that causes neurological damage to the neural system when left untreated. Untreated Psychosis is life-threatening, and when it inflicts more damage to the neurological system and makes it progressively harder to treat. Excessive religiosity outside the norm for a cultural context or personal history of an individual is a potential neurological sign that needs to be assessed with the appropriate medical assessment and treated immediately if there is an indication of a medical disorder (toxoplasmosis, seizures, tumors, poisoning, developing schizophrenia, etc.). Otherwise, it worsens, becomes more challenging to treat, and can become life-threatening.

Spiritual Awakening vs. Psychosis

     Psychosis is a neurological disorder and needs to be treated. Spiritual awakening could be a religious experience, including visions that need to be assessed if they are new or entirely out of the individual’s everyday experience. If they aren’t neurologically based, we’d typically leave them alone. A spiritual awakening can seem like a break from reality. It can range from a new idea that fits nicely with your current beliefs to an earth-shattering revelation that destroys everything you believe.

How Does Salvia-Induced Spiritual Awakening

“It’s like jumping into a vast unlimited space!” It is the feeling that most users experience after using Salvia. It is a scenario where one’s sense of self is wholly misplaced or lost. The reasons why Salvia is considered a spiritual herb may be accounted for in the following.

  • There are no separate entities for the user – all are one! It is what people know in most spiritual scriptures, i.e., to feel united with anything and everything in this world.
  • Loss of Ego – One cannot deny that we live in an egoistic society filled with self-centered people. Studies have shown that this very ego goes away after ingesting Salvia. It is like coming to terms with one’s pure inner spirit.
  • Contact with spirits –The exact reason why this happens is still not known. Still, it may be credited to Salvia’s capability to purify or cleanse the mind or soul for a temporary period. It is possible to communicate with holy spirits during such a time.


      In conclusion, Salvia Divinorum is popularly named the Diviner’s sage. Unlike many other related substances, this herbal plant is legal in many countries because it’s non-toxic and non-addictive and has many medical and healing benefits. In the spiritual trance induced by Salvia, people tend to get more compassionate towards others and see things from their point of view. Due to these various reasons, Salvia can arguably be considered a true spiritual awakening.

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