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Salvinorin Extraction

The primary and active ingredient in salvia Divinorum leaves is known as Salvinorin A, which is the compound that performs wonders in Salvia Divinorum. The process of extracting Salvinorin A from salvia leaves is known as Salvinorin Extraction, while the end product of this process is known as Salvia Extract. Traditionally, salvia leaves were always formed into a chewable quid which delivers a potent and lasting trip, but its taste is not for the faint-hearted. That’s where the concentrates come in. They are salvia-standardized extracts. Salvinorin A is rapidly metabolized in the body, which implies that the total dose is ingested as quickly as possible. That’s why it is much easier to reach a complete breakthrough with an extract than pure leaf or smoke.

Making Salvia Salvinorin

There are several methods of making salvia extract. However, you can come up with good quality salvia extract with a nice color or poor quality extract that looks like black gum. You can follow the below steps to ensure that you can have your homemade salvia extract, although the extract takes several hours to be ready for use. But before you start extracting your salvia, you need dried leaves of Salvia Divinorum, a blender, a large and clean saucepan, a small narrow glass, a pipette, and chemicals like naphtha and Acetone.

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Extraction methods

Using this method without crushing your leaf up or flattening it down into the bowl, you will probably need about 10 ml of Acetone per gram of leaf. You may be able to use half as much solvent, or less, if it is crushed up enough to be in flattened layers rather than in bunches of the crinkled up leaf. Also, this process allows you to use as much leaf as you want.

  • Crush your whole (dried) leaf to a coarse consistency to reduce the solvent needed. It doesn’t need to be powdered. The purpose of crushing is to reduce the volume so that a small amount of solvent will cover the leaf. The whole leaf can be used if desired.
  • Put your leaf in a stainless steel, ceramic, or glass dish and put it all in the refrigerator. It should be cooled down to as close to 35 degrees F. as possible.
  • Put your Acetone in the refrigerator as well. Again you are aiming for around 35 degrees F. Please be very careful to properly label the Acetone, so no one mistakenly consumes it. That seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

More Direction

  • Soak the crushed leaf in the Acetone that has been cooled down to 35 degrees F. Soak it for two and a half minutes, stirring continuously. (Reducing this time other trade’s’ yield for purity. A 10-30 second soak may be ideal if crystalline Salvinorin is desired.)
  • Quickly decant the now greenish solvent and set it aside. (If minimizing soak times, the solvent may not be greenish, as fewer impurities are solvated. It is OK.) Add fresh cold Acetone and soak it for three more minutes (or less, if desired for purity), stirring continuously. Quickly decant it and keep the two extractions separate. You can combine them later.
  • Let the (now possibly greenish) Acetone sit for several hours to let impurities fall out of it. You will find some fine greenish-brown sand-like material in the bottom of the container. Carefully pour out the Acetone, leaving the stuff on the bottom behind. Save this sand-like material for further extraction, just in case some of the Salvinorin was left behind.
  • You can now either add all of the Acetone back to some finely crushed leaf or evaporate it entirely in a glass bowl to see what you got. If you disappear without adding it back to the leaf, you will likely see a crusty crystalline-like extract, green but very potent! Using this formula on 30 grams of leaf, you will probably extract about 250 mg of crude Salvinorin. As a general rule, the second soak will reduce the purity far below what a single soak can, but it increases the efficiency so much that it might be worth doing.


Please don’t attempt to smoke this material, as it is far too potent. Only evaporate it down to look at the quality of the extract! And then, re-dissolve the extract into Acetone and use it to enhance the leaf. If you extract 30 grams of leaf and add it back to 2.5 grams of leaf, your will have about 2.5 grams of 10X, considering inefficiencies. A moderate dose is about 50 mg of this 10X leaf. A substantial amount of this leaf is about 100 mg.

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