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Salvia Divinorum and DPH Trips

         Salvia and DPH are extremely potent and typical Psychedelic. It is well known for its often steady and handy effects, which caused it to be used as more of a spiritual aid in the early days than a recreational hallucinogen. Salvia (Salvia divinorum) is a plant belonging to the mint family. You might also know salvia by one of its other names, such as Leaves of Mary, the Shepherdess, and Maria Pastoral. Some also refer to it as Diviner’s sage or Sally-D. Salvia is a serious hallucinogen it maintains a reputation as one of the strongest natural hallucinogens out there. It is a very intense experience and not for novices.

       Salvia is an herb known as a dissociative hallucinogen whose effects include strong hallucinations, altered perception, and mood changes. Salvia is also a powerful psychotropic. Other effects include confusion, uncontrollable laughter, and loss of self-awareness. The main ingredient is salvinorin A, which attaches to the kappa opioid receptors. These, in turn, are responsible for regulating human perception.

DPH Effects

        Diphenhydramine (DPH) is an antihistamine with anticholinergic and sedative effects. It is found in both OTC and prescription drugs used in the treatment of allergy-related symptoms, some cold and flu symptoms, insomnia, motion sickness, and Parkinson’s disease. The substance has also been researched for many other medicinal uses, including the treatment of OCD. It has also seen recreational use as a depressant or deliriant drug. High doses inducing vivid hallucinations that users are often unable to distinguish from reality. Most recreational users find the drug causes a negative experience. That is due to the profusely negative experience it tends to provide – along with a large amount of negative physical side effects.

Taking care of Salvia and DPH Trips

         Psychedelic trips have often been described as profound, mind-altering, and transformative experiences. Indeed, many ancient traditions regarded the use of psychedelics as a rite of passage and as a tool to connect with the spirit world. In shamanic traditions, knowledge about power plants was handed down for generations, safeguarding occult rituals. Nowadays, we are re-exploring sacred plants outside of cultural and traditional boundaries, as no direct lineage of knowledge has been passed down to us. But to get the most out of the potential psychedelic plants hold, a couple of simple precautions should be followed, these include;

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Set and Setting

         Essentially, SET is your state of mind – what you carry within you, like thoughts, mood, and expectations, and SETTING is the environment – that which is outside of you, like the room you are in, and the temperature. These two factors largely influence what you will experience during a trip. If you feel angry or stressed out, or take magic mushrooms in a problematic environment, chances are you will go through a difficult experience. Likewise, if you feel happy, and are in a warm and loving environment, chances are you will have a pleasant experience.

Trip Sitters

        When you are new to psychedelics in general, having a trip sitter is a good idea. A sitter is a sober, trusted friend with whom you trust that cannot perform “funky games “when you are tripping. The concept of the sitter is to help you with your experience. That is whether it is in the form of a hug or simply being there. The sitter shouldn‘t take anything, or if so, just a micro dose to help tune into your experience.


     On the last note, Psychedelics tend to intensify life, so whatever you are feeling or thinking will be amplified. Hence, you should not take psychedelics when you are feeling down, unhappy or depressed. In general, it is best to consume DPH and Salvia in a safe and quiet environment. You don‘t want to be disturbed or be put on the spot.

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