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Ego Dissolution and Salvia

         Ego dissolution results from a moment of expanded awareness, a feeling in which the mind is put more directly and intensely in touch with the world – which happens when the sense of self disappears. When people get into this ego desolation state, they experience a form of altered states of consciousness during trips which are the result of areas of the brain in ways that alleviate Anxiety, depression, obsession, and other addictive behaviors.

        The altered state of consciousness and a temporary lack of ego that results from using psychedelic drugs could help some mental health patients recover from their symptoms. According to researchers, this profound sense of connection produced by ego desolation has the potential to be beneficial for people suffering from Anxiety, depression, and some forms of addiction.

Using Salvia in the treatment of Anxiety, depression, and addiction






We all face stress and Anxiety in life. If you struggle with an anxiety disorder, this involves more than temporary worry or fear. In many ways, your Anxiety becomes the lens through which you see things. While psychedelics is a drug that may possess beneficial effects in certain instances, decades of evidence have proven that psychedelics like Salvia have the potential to reduce and eliminate this state of mind.

Anxiety Management

Many people find their day-to-day experience of life is filled with Anxiety. It limits the activities they do and the enjoyment they have in life. Salvia has been used for decades to treat anxiety disorders and reduce anxiety levels. In some cases, these substances seem to directly alleviate feelings of Anxiety, even at minimal doses (below the level at which they subjectively alter consciousness). For other people, Salvia helps them explore the root causes of their anxieties and fears and find peace with them. And for many people, Salvia brings them to a place of spiritual peace and openness that can become a new touchstone. It is for letting go of Anxiety or learning not to identify with it so strongly.

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Psychedelics Treatment and Ego Dissolution

       This description of the process may sound abstract to someone suffering from anxiety day to day. Still, like talking therapy, the healing process of Salvia can be a little challenging to convey until you’ve tried it. Recent clinical research has shown dramatic reductions in Anxiety even after a single psychedelic experience with the diviner’s sage, even for patients facing the extreme Anxiety of terminal illness. Psychedelics allow them to embrace their fate and find peace with their loved ones.

      Even a single dose of a psychedelic substance can create long-lasting changes. It also reduces Anxiety and depression and creates more emotional openness. Also, it helps with the issue of “Social Anxiety, which is prevalent in autistic adults. Few treatment options are effective. Another study suggests that symptoms of social anxiety in adults with autism may be treatable with psychotherapy and Psychedelics like Salvia.

Dosage and Administration

     Other psychedelic drugs like LSD, MDMA, and mushrooms have all undergone intense studying for anxiety reduction. Remember that a psychedelic experience can sometimes produce Anxiety or can focus the mind on sources of Anxiety as part of the process of addressing the root causes. Starting with small doses and following all the safety guidelines can help reduce Anxiety.

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Many researchers see psychedelic drugs as unsafe, and governments regulate them worldwide. However, ego dissolution might change as time progresses. Scientists have discovered that such substances could be a valuable add-on to psychotherapy. More research and discussion are necessary to understand the possible benefits of these drugs. Psychologists can help navigate their use’s clinical, ethical, and cultural issues.

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