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Ego Dissolution and Salvia

         Ego dissolution results from a moment of expanded awareness, a feeling in which the mind is put more directly and intensely in touch with the world – which happens when the sense of self disappears. When people get into this ego desolation state, they experience a form of altered states of […]

Taking Salvia: Alternative Ways to Consume It

       Traditional Salvia divinorum is used by the Mazatec people through oral ingestion. The primary traditional method of taking salvia involves grinding large quantities of fresh salvia leaves. You then infuse water with them to make a salvia tea. This method has the drawback of being less potent because the active ingredient of […]

The Best Salvia Extracts Alternative to Marijuana

The Best Salvia Extracts Alternative to Marijuana  The salvia plant has an extended history of usage in the Mazateca. Salvia plant grows freely in the wild, and people use it for sacramental and healing ceremonies. The salvia plant contains the most potent natural hallucinogenic ever known, while the active compound in Salvia, “salvinorin-A,” has unequaled […]

Learn About Salvia and it’s Different Effect

We all like to relax and clear our heads of what is stressing us out. Some people use hobbies like gardening, horseback riding, swimming, and other activities. At the same time, some individuals prefer a more spiritual experience that opens up different pathways in the brain to get to the root of their issues. But how […]

Salvia Effect: Visions and Hallucinogenic Effects After Smoking

There are many options for hallucinogenic drugs in today’s world that you might have tried or came across, but which one is the right one that will still make you feel good but won’t cause many side effects is the one you probably want. Also, finding the product that is right for you is very […]

Difference between Salvia Divinorum and Marijuana

       Salvia divinorum means “Sage of the Diviners.” It has been used in religious and healing ceremonies by the Mazatec Indians in Mexico for hundreds of years. Salvia divinorum is known as the only vision-inducing species known. Salvia is a consciousness-changing herb used in a vision quest or a healing ritual. Salvia makes […]

Salvia Products: Get Extreme Involvement

Have you ever reached the immense-looking salvia 40x plants? Before that, most importantly, you have to know the different advantages of salvia products to snatch the chance to purchase salvia products without much of a stretch. The utterly stunning result of salvia can be bought online likewise at reasonable costs, which is profoundly helpful for […]