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Desirable Magic Mushroom Recipes

         Most people use magic mushrooms for one of two reasons, either for fun or as a means of spiritual awakening. Magic shrooms can undoubtedly be simply enjoyable at lower doses, making the experience a pleasant, mind-altering trip. Then there are those, who treat it as a key to the doors of perception – in this case, higher doses usually apply. With proper experience, knowledge, and guidance, magic mushrooms can lead you to valuable insights into the surrounding world, the reality in which you exist, and the one beyond.

        Whatever the reason for taking magic mushrooms, there are several things you will have to keep in mind. If you are new to mushrooms, first of all, don’t take too much at once.

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The recipes for Magic Mushrooms consumption

  • Straight Up Chew and Swallow

        The usual and old way of ingesting magic mushrooms and some psychedelics like salvia is simply by eating them. In this case, it is essential to chew them thoroughly to allow all the juices to come out. The psychoactive compound released from the mushroom by your saliva will start mixing with your blood, reaching every cell in your body. Depending on the stomach content, it will take more or less 45 minutes for them to start working; the less you eat before, the better. It is advised to avoid food for a few hours.

  • Combined With a Cup Of  Tea

       Are you not a great fan of the bitter taste of mushrooms? Think about making a magic brew. Taking your mushrooms as tea will cause the specific bitter taste to disappear. Just boil some water, crush the desired amount of shrooms into small pieces and throw them in. Slowly heat the pan, keeping it close to simmering, but do not bring it to boil – otherwise, you might destroy the active compound and be left with an ugly brew with little psychoactive value. Let it rest for some 10 to 15 minutes and “enjoy.”

  • Magic Mushroom Capsules

       Capsules offer users the option to micro-dose their magic mushrooms or truffles. If surfing the higher planes of existence for hours on end doesn’t appeal. Still, you would like an opportunity to experience ultimate clarity without losing an entire day. Capsules may be your best friend. Capsules can be discreetly taken throughout the day, topping up as required. Shrooms are not known for being tasty. Luckily, this method removes that moldy taste and makes dosing more manageable. Stealthy in nature, it is easier and less suspicious to carry around some capsules than it bags a whole or ground mushroom. Capsules can even be vegetarian-friendly, catering to many users’ requirements.

  • Psilocybin Edibles

        It deals with adding magic mushrooms to food to unlock a whole new world of experiences – not just from the psychedelic trip but also by practicing your culinary skills. Fundamentally, incorporating mushrooms into food will assist with both the taste and the feeling of nausea that most users suffer. Since magic mushrooms can be added to virtually any food, user preference will take priority. If, however, you are stuck for ideas, the following suggestions can be a great way to enjoy edibles.

  1. The trick with your chosen recipe is to avoid adding the mushrooms during any cooking stage. Psilocybin, the critical component in mushrooms that makes you trip, starts to break down under excessive heat.
  2. For example, baking mushrooms on top of a pizza would result in a bad tripping experience. Instead, try adding them to sauces or toppings after the cooking stage.
  3. A prime example would be adding shrooms to freshly made pesto or honey, both of which can be enjoyed cold. A popular favorite is magic chocolate truffles.

      The more mushrooms used, the stronger and longer the trip, so experiment with dosage until you find what’s right for you.

  • Lemon Tek: To Intensify the Trip

       Lemon tea is the party child of magic mushroom dosing. Not only is it quick and easy to take, but users claim the acidic nature of the lemon breaks down the psilocybin, intensifying the subsequent trip. While the topic of an intensified trip is a fiercely debated one, many agree that using this method does bring about the trip faster.

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