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Bongs and Pipes: Differences in Features and Functions

If you are a regular salvia user, you understand that there are many ways to consume it. One way is by smoking it with a bong or pipe. However, many people do not know the differences between these two items. The debate between bongs and pipes among smokers is a never-ending one. For this reason, we can’t give our verdict, but we’ll leave it to the users to sample them and decide which is best for them. In this article, we will highlight the main features and the most appropriate use situation.


Size is the most notable difference between a bong and a pipe. A pipe is smaller than a bong, making it portable and discreet. It is important to note that pipes and bongs come in different sizes individually, so don’t be surprised if you come across a pipe that is quite large.

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As for bongs, these giant smoking equipment are more prominent, heavier, and thus difficult to carry around. You will rarely find people traveling with a bong for apparent reasons. First, it is not as discreet as a smoker would prefer.

Additionally, you must keep it upright the entire time to avoid spilling the water. Comparatively, one can easily carry a pipe around without worrying about who is watching. The pipe’s discreetness and privacy make it a favorite for most salvia smokers.

Material and Make

Most pipes are made from simple materials such as clay, ceramic, or metal. However, you can still find pipes made of glass. A line is a tube with a bowl at the bottom where the substance is burned. Most pipes’ material makes it easy to design the exterior with different patterns and shapes. Every country has its designs for lines, but you will find standard procedures in our shop.

Bongs are large tubes mostly made of glass. These filtration devices have a lower port and an upper port. People use bongs to burn marijuana, Salvia, and other substances they need to smoke. The water stem guides air into the water below. The resulting bubbling releases smoke, which travels up the tube to be smoked.

Most bongs have a hole near the bottom where the smoker can let it into their respiratory system. However, one needs to cover this hole during the smoking process. The spot also serves as an inlet for fresh air once it is exhausted inside.

Bongs and Pipes Delivery

Delivery is an essential consideration for every smoker. It would help if you had a piece of equipment that would deliver the smoke to your respiratory system to your satisfaction. There has been a heated debate about bongs and pipes concerning delivery. A pipe’s small size means the smoke has a shorter distance to travel to the user’s respiratory system. That means smoke delivery is swift and brutal, and so is the salvia effect. Bongs have more tube lengths from the water to the user’s delivery system. Steam takes a bit longer to travel up the tube, so the effect is mild and takes longer.

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Some bongs are more prolonged and significant than others, meaning the delivery rate for the shorter tube is relatively lower if you compare it with longer ones. Additionally, bongs come in many unique designs, which make them function differently. For instance, the Hookah Shisha glass bong sold by Amazon and manufactured by Ibex has a long pipe attached. People who prefer to use this kind of bong to smoke Salvia will wait a bit longer for the substance to reach their respiratory system and take effect. However, it is not always about the delay in this equipment; the product builds up, and you will feel it to the core. The delayed onset also means it takes longer to clear your system.

Bong Vs. Bubbler

As mentioned earlier, bongs come in different sizes and designs. A bubbler is a variation of a bong that uses water to bubble the air before guiding it to your respiratory system. Usually, a bong is a dry pipe bong that only burns the substance so the user can sniff the smoke. But technically, a bubbler is between a bong and a dry pipe because it also has a downstream, only that you can’t remove it. When cleaning it, you will have to find a piece of cloth that can reach its bottom, probably with the help of an extension stick.

The lack of water for filtration makes the bubbler a bit intense. If you’re new to smoking salvia, we recommend you start with a water bong due to its high level of filtration. Most people consider a water bong more hygienic than a dry pipe bong. Whether to go with the bong or bubbler lies on the user.

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A Smooth Smoking Experience

Every smoker out there yearns for a smooth smoking experience. That is why most will go to extraordinary lengths to get themselves smoking equipment that offers just that. Whether a bong or pipe gives the best smoking experience has divided salvia users into two. But how does one define a smooth smoking experience? Well, that, too, is up for debate. While some users define a smooth smoking experience as not leaving an unpleasant taste in the mouth, others think it gives them the ultimate feeling. Either way, what you use to smoke contributes significantly to this feeling.

Our verdict is that the bong, a glass bong, to be specific, gives the ultimate smooth smoking experience. That is because it provides excellent filtration. A pipe does not filter; thus, it is considered unclean.


Smoking salvia and other incense is the best way to experience the ultimate feeling offered by these incredible herbs. The type of smoking equipment to choose depends on the user’s preference. Our shop has many bongs, pipes, and bongs to help you pick the most suitable for your needs. You will get the best quality at discounted prices. All you need to do is explore and select a product.

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