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Salvia + Beer – A Bad Combination?

Salvia and beer are two substances that have been known to interact in ways that can be dangerous. This article will explore the risks of taking salvia + beer and discuss why it is not a good idea. We will also look at some potential use cases of salvia and beer and the potential risks […]

Bongs and Pipes: Differences in Features and Functions

If you are a regular salvia user, you understand that there are many ways to consume it. One way is by smoking it with a bong or pipe. However, many people do not know the differences between these two items. The debate between bongs and pipes among smokers is a never-ending one. For this reason, […]

Best Selling Salvia Bathing Soaps and Candles on Amazon

Salvias, popularly known as sages, are consumed in various ways worldwide. Generally, these are green herbs known to come with many health benefits for the user. While most people prefer consuming directly through ingestion, some would take it indirectly using salvia-infused soaps, candles, oils, and more. These plant-based products reduce the possibility of one experiencing […]

Amazon’s Bestselling Edibles of All Time

Edibles refer to foods that contain marijuana, they can be baked goods, candies, beverages, and chocolates. They can also be homemade in smoothies, brownies, and ice cream. Nowadays, people prefer edibles to smoke.Amazon, therefore as an American worldwide technology company that deals with online commerce and shopping, along with others like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and […]

Safer Ways to Use Cannabis You Didn’t Know Existed

You no longer need to endure the intoxicating smoke and foul mouth odor to get high. From shisha pipes to edibles, popularly known as weed cookies, there is now a safer and better way to use cannabis. All these methods of taking weed, whether neat or not, achieve the ultimate goal of making you high. […]

Best Cannabis Incense Sticks on Amazon 2021 List

Thanks to their diversity, convenience, and hygiene, incense sticks are quickly taking over the cannabis market. A cannabis incense stick is a traditional weed-scented stick prepared using natural oil. The stick is considered the most hygienic way to take cannabis since it does not contain toxic chemicals and other harmful substances. However, this does not […]

How to Use Marijuana and Salvia Divinorum for Depression and Anxiety During the Lockdown

Depression, a common mood disorder, affects more than 300 million people worldwide. The figures have since risen due to the Covid-19 pandemic. People are unable to cope with long periods of isolation. Additionally, people increasingly lose their loved ones as the virus mutates to even deadlier strains. If anything would make such people feel better […]

20 Cannabis Gifts You Can Buy for Under $20

Our 2021 gift guide starts with offering you a wide range of cannabis gifts for someone that deserves it or yourself. The list consists of gifts under $20, which is quite budget-friendly. However, you must not call them cheap because they’re not. As you will find out, some of these products have immense wellness benefits […]