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Best Cannabis Incense Sticks on Amazon 2021 List

Thanks to their diversity, convenience, and hygiene, incense sticks are quickly taking over the cannabis market. A cannabis incense stick is a traditional weed-scented stick prepared using natural oil. The stick is considered the most hygienic way to take cannabis since it does not contain toxic chemicals and other harmful substances. However, this does not mean an incense stick is less than a natural weed. The sticks have a much more uplifting and great smell to boost your mood more than some ordinary forms of weed. We have compiled a list of the best cannabis incense sticks on Amazon. As you may be aware, Amazon is one of the best places to find the most genuine products, and the probability of you being scammed is near zero. So, let us get started, shall we?


Hem Cannabis Incense Sticks Count 6-120

First on our list is this traditional yet unique incense stick with a special kind of smell. This hem stick has the potential to uplift you in ways you can never imagine. If you’re worried about the nasty, toxic odor associated with cannabis, then worry no more because this stick is made with natural oil to make it safe and sweet. The stick burns for a maximum of 45 minutes, enough to uplift your mood. Additionally, the hemp cannabis incense stick is just the right size as it measures 2.5*9.3*6cm, allowing it to fit anywhere from your inside pocket to your handbag. Once you light it, place it safely on an incense holder and keep it away from flammable objects and materials. The incense sticks come in a pack with 6- 120 sticks inside. Each pack has an average weight of 301sg. Most importantly, the price is just the right one for low-budget planning. But don’t be duped into buying a poor-quality product while trying to work within your tight budget.

20-Stick Hex Tube Incense Sticks

Another product from India-based Hem manufacturers, Hex Tube sticks, are well-scented and of excellent quality. These sticks are made of resin and come in 20g packs with 15-20 well-scented sticks. Hex Tube sticks are unique in that you can barely feel the smell or any other cannabis feature, but the effect is the same. Most importantly, the sticks can be the perfect gift for your friend who likes weed, as the product is stylish and beautiful. The only problem with this kind of stick is that sometimes they’re inconsistently sized at the bottom, making it difficult to stand upright on the incense holder. However, this should not trouble you because you only need to ensure balance and keep the lit end away from combustible material.

Stamford Cannabis Incense Sticks

The best cannabis product to relax with friends and family, Stamford cannabis incense sticks have a lush, floral, and relaxing scent. Additionally, these sticks help you create the perfect mood for relaxation with a sense of style. The manufacturer’s description of the product is that it lasts 30 minutes and is purely for ease. If you have never used the sticks before, all you need to do is light the tip and wait for it to glow before placing it safely on an incense holder. You will typically find 20 sticks in each pack, enough to fill your home with sweet fragrance for days. Place the sticks strategically in your house, preferably near a ventilation hole or window, to get the most out of it. The scent will spread to every other part of the house.

Shubhkart Cannabis Incense Sticks

Shubhkart cannabis incense sticks are not your ordinary sticks, but you must own them. Apart from the beautiful scent and uplifting mood, these sticks exude a beautiful light to make your room glow. One of the few comes in a box with six 120-stick packs. Each stick burns for a whole hour, so you can use one package for months. Burn the sticks whenever you’re meditating or working out in the comfort of your room to make the experience even more fulfilling.

Case of 12 Cannabis Cones

Also, from HEM incense, India, these cannabis cones come in 12 boxes with ten. Apart from the apparent cannabis benefits, these cones increase spirituality, help you relax, and are without an intoxicating odor. Most importantly, these incense products are packed according to ancient Indian traditions. Its main ingredients include honey, resins, herbs, wood gums, flowers, and many more. The cones are perfect for intimate moments, whether spiritual or physical, such as meditation, romance, yoga, prayer, and soothing.

Karma Scents Premium Nag Sticks

These Champa incense sticks come in a 5-pack set with 150 sticks each. Additionally, the pack comes with five free burners to help you cut costs. Karma scents premium nag sticks are perfect for decorating your home and giving them out as gifts. Wood gum is the primary material from which the sticks are made. With a burning duration of one hour, these sticks will fill your room with a sweet aromatherapy scent for days. According to the manufacturer, product benefits include relaxation, meditation, refreshment moments, romance, soothing, and many more. 

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Incense sticks are not necessarily used to get high. Instead, they come with many benefits to the user. It is no longer a secret that cannabis comes with immense health benefits to the user if used responsibly and prepared safely. Most importantly, the sticks can be used for air purification by releasing fragrances. You can also use them for spiritual rituals and relaxation. However, ensure you go for an aroma that works for you. That means you must do background research on the available scents before purchasing. Also, if you don’t want to get scammed, ensure to buy from the actual manufacturers or suppliers or their trusted affiliates. Check out our shop for exciting, high-quality cannabis, salvia, and other products.

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