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20 Cannabis Gifts You Can Buy for Under $20

Our 2021 gift guide starts with offering you a wide range of cannabis gifts for someone that deserves it or yourself. The list consists of gifts under $20, which is quite budget-friendly. However, you must not call them cheap because they’re not. As you will find out, some of these products have immense wellness benefits unseen, unlike any other stoner product at a higher price.

The range of products in this category gets you sorted, whatever the reason you are taking cannabis. After receiving the package, Let that person you’re gifting say, ‘This is what I have been looking for all along.’ For gifts of this nature, you will come across rolling papers, custom pocket vaporizers, strain diaries, and more. All you have to do is choose your poison, friend, better half, or colleague. So let us get this rolling, shall we?

1. CBD Edibles 100mg Froggies Sour

This classic industry cannabis gifts may be all you need to make someone’s day without straining your budget. It is pharmacy formulated, meaning you will always find what is inside the label.

2. Rainbow Rolling Papers

You can transform any joint into an incredible work of art with rainbow papers. It is a significant shift from the regular white rolls. Inspired by vintage Spanish pieces, these rolls are the perfect gift for any cannabis lover.

3. CBD Edibles 50mg Sleepy Z’s

These melatonin-infused gummy snacks are known to promote the endocannabinoid system. If you have trouble sleeping, this is the perfect gift for them since it improves natural circadian rhythms, allowing them a healthy, restful night.

4. Fruit Bites 50mg CBD Edibles

Green Road CBD Edibles are delicious and arguably the best way to get your CBD dose conveniently. The gummies are fruit-shaped and packed in 10mg packets.

5. Pollen and Herbal Grinder

Getting a weed presser is all some people want right now. Get this budget-conscious accessory for over $10 or less from your favorite weed shop.

6. Secret Watch Weed Grinders

The most common secret weed grinder is a watch that has a hidden hero. Gift this watch to your stoner friend, and they will live to remember it. It is discrete, with its marijuana chamber cleverly hidden from prying eyes.

7. Fruit and Hemp CBD Edibles

This stoner accessory comes in a 25mmg packet and is industry formulated to give the user a fulfilling experience. We have used the CO2 extraction method to create this ultimate gift for you and anyone you value.

8. Upline Solid Taster

This cannabis accessory is a must-have for every weed lover. Therefore, it is the perfect gift for any stoner you know who wants to put a smile on their face. Depending on your preferred store, it costs between $12 and $16.

9. Gummie Block CBD Edibles

Another industry classic CBD product, Green Roads 60mg Block Sweet is the ultimate gift for a cannabis enthusiast. This product suits career people with busy schedules, but you can also wind the weekend with it.

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10. Wax Wallet Silicon Concentrate Storage

This challenging and durable stoner accessory goes for as little as $19. One can use it to store a broad spectrum of cannabis gifts, including concentrates, oils, and dab fuels. Buy this gift today at your favorite shop and make someone’s day.

11. Custom Cannabis Gifts Leaf Ornaments

Whether it is an earring, necklace, or bangle, an ornament bearing a marijuana leaf is the ultimate gift for a stoner. Sterling silver earrings are lovely and stylish, costing between $5 and $15.

12. Stoner Fluxx

Believe it or not, there are cannabis-themed games you can gift your stoner friend. Stoner Fluxx is one such game with changing rules and is very engaging. It goes for as little as $14.

13. Marijuana Leaf T-shirts and Boxers

What more does a cannabis lover need besides a cannabis T-shirt or underwear? This creative gift is as intimate as it needs to be. It is the ultimate present to gift your friend or partner who has a thing for weed.

14. Bamboo Weed Storage Container

This container is the perfect place to keep your weed or weed products. It is a carefully crafted, stylish, and affordable cylindrical container.

15. Assorted Flavor CBD Gummie

This hemp-derived cannabinoid extract is pharmacist formulated and is among the best industrial classic cannabis products. Its main ingredients are corn syrup, gelatin, citric acid, natural & artificial flavors, and more.

16. CBD Lip Balm Cannabis Gifts

This gift is perfect for her any time, every time. The product blends regular moisturizers with pain-relieving CBD. You will find this gift for as little as $6 in your nearest CBD supplier.

17. Smell Proof Cannabis Bags

Every marijuana lover would appreciate cannabis gifts of this nature. These bags come in a variety of pockets and sizes. They are also conveniently found in your nearest store at low prices.

18. Gaming Marijuana Console Skins

Cannabis and gaming go hand in hand. This PlayStation weed skin would make a good gift for a cannabis gifts lover. You don’t need to dig into your pocket to get them; they’re pretty budget-friendly.

19. Cannabis Doob Tubes

These weed tubes are odor-proof and stylish. Get it as a gift for your stoner friend so they can keep their joints and blunts.

20. Cannabis Gifts KoKo Nuggz

Going for only $14.99, these chocolate and crisped rice nuggz are the perfect gift for a stoner who doubles up as a chocolate lover.


What most people don’t know is that simple cannabis gifts make a stoner’s life better. Without troubling yourself with expensive gifts that may not impress them, get them a cannabis-themed gift or product. Also, make sure the design leaves a broad smile on their mouth. How would you react if someone brought you a hood with weed smoking a human?

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