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Safer Ways to Use Cannabis You Didn’t Know Existed

You no longer need to endure the intoxicating smoke and foul mouth odor to get high. From shisha pipes to edibles, popularly known as weed cookies, there is now a safer and better way to use cannabis. All these methods of taking weed, whether neat or not, achieve the ultimate goal of making you high.

THC, the component responsible for the high feeling, is almost the same in all forms of weed. But did you know there are even safer ways of consuming weed and still getting high? If not, grab a cup of tea and let us take you through these methods.

1. Using a Vaporizer

It is a new invention where one smokes weed using a portable vaporizer. The vaporizer uses a rechargeable battery that can last for weeks with a full charge. Weed vaporizers are hard to notice since they look like everyday items such as pens and regular cigarettes. Additionally, the vaporizer has a mouthpiece that helps you suck the vapor. Taking weed in this manner gives you a high of up to three hours; it only takes 2 minutes before the effects set in.

The vaporizers heat the weed through an electric coil connected to the battery. While some vaporizers allow you to vary the amount of heat reaching the plant material, some, such as vape pens, supply constant heat. The cannabinoids are heated sufficiently to provide significant amounts of THC. Vaporizers regulate temperature and ensure the lungs are not overwhelmed by smoke, as with smoking. –
2. Patches
Unlike most methods of taking weed, Patches are a kind of treatment where cannabinoids are brought into direct contact with the blood. However, weed enthusiasts increasingly use it to absorb THC into their bloodstream and get high. You will also have to endure a little pain for the entire period the patch is planted on you. Weed in this manner takes about 10 minutes for the effects to set in, and you’re likely to feel them for up to 12 hours.

Patches are also referred to as transdermals and are implanted medically, so you shouldn’t try this on your own. The best thing about patches is that they are 100% safe because doses of the substance in your blood are measured. Additionally, one can continue their routines, such as going to work, and no one will suspect you have them.

3. Infused Drinks

Just like in the case of cookies, you can take weed alongside your favorite drink. However, it would be best if you prepared yourself for a more significant effect because cannabis is taken in this manner and mainly has unbalanced THC. The results will take about one hour to set in and could last up to seven hours. The seven hours duration means people with difficulty sleeping can take it before bed to help. All you need to do is crash and grind the weed into a fine powder, then stir it into the liquid. Shake to mix evenly before taking it.

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4. Tinctures

If you haven’t heard about tinctures as a way of taking weed, listen. To make a tincture, you need a solvent like wine or spirit, sometimes even a beer, and cannabis leaves. Take the lives as they are and drop them into the solvent. Wait for the leaves to soak and remove.

Shake or stir the solvent, sit back, and enjoy your drink. Although the extract may be too concentrated, it is one of the safest ways of taking weed. Reason? Your doses are well-measured because every sip carries the THC your body needs. Weed taken in this manner has to be digested alongside the solvent. Thus the effects will take up to 90 minutes to set in. The high will last for up to 6 hours.

5. Pills and Capsules

It is your best option if you want to take weed like any other medication and go unnoticed. After grinding it into a fine powder, weed is molded into pills and capsules of various shapes and sizes. Moreover, this method is widely used by physicians to administer medical cannabis to treat various conditions. Pills and capsules are the safest way of taking weed because doses are accurately measured.

Weed in this manner takes 2 hours for the effects to be felt. It takes another 8 hours maximum for it to clear in your head. For this reason, weed pills and capsules can cure insomnia by taking them just before bed.

6. Dabbing

Dabbing is a cannabis consumption method that uses a high concentration of THC to achieve several objectives. While most dabs treat certain health complications, some people want to get high. The method is safe even with the high amounts of THC per dose because each quantity is precisely measured.

However, since bodies react differently to different levels of THC, some people report more severe side effects on their first try. Some have been written to pass out due to a rapid decrease in blood pressure. In such a case, you’re advised to stop using it and seek medical help immediately. Weed taking through dabbing takes effect in a short time of only 2 minutes. Similarly, the results could only last 2-3 hours, and the high is high.


Cannabis use is evolving daily, and every new method seems better than the previous ones. Unlike in the past, when weed was associated with thugs and the low class, weed is now consumed by all kinds of people. The plant’s medical benefits could be the reason for this new trend, and people keep looking for cool ways to take it. We shall be updating you as other new methods are invented. Visit our shop for various weed and salvia products with immense health benefits.

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