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The Best Salvia Extracts Alternative to Marijuana

The Best Salvia Extracts Alternative to Marijuana 

The salvia plant has an extended history of usage in the Mazateca. Salvia plant grows freely in the wild, and people use it for sacramental and healing ceremonies. The salvia plant contains the most potent natural hallucinogenic ever known, while the active compound in Salvia, “salvinorin-A,” has unequaled psychedelic effects. The active psychedelic substance “salvinorin” gets into the bloodstream via the oral mucosa. Nowadays, the Salvia plant is becoming extremely popular as it now comes in very potent forms known as salvia extracts or salvinorin extract. The powerful psychedelic compound will give the user an intense and overwhelming effect.

Salvia Extracts

Salvia extract is a form of processed salvinorin, extracted from salvia plants through chemical separations and then re-deposited back into dried salvia leaves. The extract is known for providing an excellent out-of-body experience. If you want a quiet, powerful, out-of-body experience, you should probably consider extracts with lower strength. Salvia extract is a non-addictive herb whose effects last about an hour after consumption. The effects are less harsh than smoking and chewing the herb itself, but you can still find more powerful extracts than the leaves. Salvia extracts are potent depending on the concentration or number of leaves used in the extraction process.

When smoked, salvia extracts may provide two various types of “highs” to those who use them. Some people experience a powerful out-of-body experience. They feel like they see the vision or are in an unknown location. Others might experience a much milder high, much better than marijuana users. They usually feel refreshed and focused. Still, salvia users must understand that Salvia is not “fun” like alcohol or Marijuana.

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Mode of Usage

Many people prefer smoking salvia extracts rather than just the leaf. Results of the salvia experience are obtained based on the concentration of the extracts because less quantity needs to be smoked, especially when you have an extract that can be 40 times stronger than the regular leaf. Extracts can be potent and one must use it with caution. They come in two varieties, which include;

Crude extract: often followed by an x (5x, 10x, etc.). This extract comes from mixing a crude salvia extract with salvia leaves. 5x means the extract is from four units of crude salvia extract mixed with 1 unit of leaves.

Standardized extracts: a standardized extract is one in which the active compound is extracted from the plant, purified, and then redeposit back onto the dried leaves. A standardized extract contains pure crystalline salvinorin A, a very rare compound that few people have ever seen, and even fewer people have ever produced. It takes a fair amount of chemistry knowledge and skill to produce pure salvinorin A.

Smoking salvia extracts are the most popular method of using Salvia. It’s best to smoke the extracts out of a pipe – not rolled or through bongs. We recommend the extracted leaf and not the powder for smoking, so you don’t lose any of the salvias down your pipe, bong burner, or mouth.


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