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Salvia Effect: Visions and Hallucinogenic Effects After Smoking

There are many options for hallucinogenic drugs in today’s world that you might have tried or came across, but which one is the right one that will still make you feel good but won’t cause many side effects is the one you probably want. Also, finding the product that is right for you is very important because it’s easy to take a bad trip and you don’t get to even experience anything that you expected. Thus #SALVIA is a special and very powerful psychedelic plant that has unique salvia effect for hallucinations experience. Salvia offers a unique trip, which is unlike anything else you have experienced before!

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Smoking Salvia and Visions

Many of you probably tried to find something new, something that is totally different and that will take you to that next level of feelings that we are all familiar with. Lots of you probably also tried #marijuana to feel good or to chill home in front of the TV, but fewer of you heard about #salvia, #salviadivinorum or #salvia extracts.

This is what you are looking to see and experience when you try #salviadivinorum. At first the feelings may seem a little scary since it has a quick effect to induce hallucinations right from the start. (you will get to experience them in the first 30 seconds after smoking/inhalation) however I would suggest for beginners to start with 10x or 20x in order to get the best outcome.

People don’t usually know what expect from it but here are some insights for you.  You have to smoke this in turns, because someone has to watch the person that smoked before you the guy or the girl whoever that may be in your company at the time. After you use it give about 20-30 seconds then go outside and wait for the coolest visions / hallucinations that you will ever have.

Salvia As a Legal Hallucinogen

Like many plant based substances, salvia exists as a legal hallucinogen, though it can still produce harmful effects when abused. Just to be fair we are not saying that there are totally no side effects using Salvia Divinorum.  The side effects of salvia can vary depending on how a person uses the drug. The dose of the extract is very important and it can have the side effects of salvia could be very dangerous when the product is used in excess. The way salvia interacts in the brain also poses its own set of dangers for those who have little to no experience with the drug. Lots of people use it in their food once a week.

Effect on the Mind

#Salvia Divinorum has a strong effect on your mind and it will produce hallucinations that you will never forget. Here are some that I can think of right now:

  • Floating
  • Flying
  • Traveling through space
  • Twisting and spinning
  • Heaviness or lightness of the body
  • Visions of a woman
  • Severe and fast emotional changes
  • Isolation from others
  • Detachment from surroundings
  • Visual perceptions of strange sights and, when the eyes are closed, shapes and patterns
  • Strange perceptions of reality and of the self
  • Uncontrollable laughter
  • Past memories, such as revisiting places from childhood memory
  • Sensations of motion, or being pulled or twisted by forces
  • Visions of membranes, films, various two-dimensional surfaces, and fractal patterns
  • Merging with or becoming objects
  • Overlapping realities, such as the perception of being in several locations at once

Adverse Salvia Effect

The plant also causes loss of coordination in users and is often coupled with changes in perception and feelings. The physical effects of #salvia are not as dangerous as those from drugs, however if you see somebody getting under the bed or a chair while he/she is tripping leave them alone and don’t interfere they will come back to reality on their own because during that time the effects of salvia is so intense that “everything is ok and suddenly, in two seconds, everything is chaotic and different and then you feel like you have lost your legs and cannot feel anything.”

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 Is the Salvia Effect Stronger Than other Hallucinogens?

The effect of salvia can be extremely strong especially when chewed, but the salvia has not been known to cause other adverse effects. It makes you unable to talk with someone who is near you or to tell the difference  between fantasy and reality while you are tripping. For about 30- 40 minutes you almost don’t feel your body and you are unable to move… Sometimes you feel like you lost your gravity and fly though the universe.

Many use #salvia divinorum extracts because it helps them reconnect with themselves. Others use it for fun and the good memories that you will never forget.

After the hallucinogen effects go away, normal awareness-of-self and the immediate surroundings return but lingering effects may be felt. These short-term lingering effects have a completely different character than the peak experience.


In conclusion I find #SalviaDivinorum very unique and mysterious. This plant helps us discover many interesting things about ourselves and our bodies which we were never aware of before. That is what we call the salvia effect and many people overcome it wthin a short period.

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