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How can Salvia Divinorum help treat Depression

         A growing number of the population are taking salvia for its consistent hallucinogenic effects, especially to treat depression. Salvia divinorum, a flowering plant in the mint family is also referred to as diviner’s sage, magic mint, or purple sticky. It was originally used in religious rituals by the holy men of […]

Buying Tripping Supplies from Vendors You Can Trust

      Tripping supplies are exceptional and extraordinary visionary herbs that are indeed rising in popularity with time and usage. These are regarded as great relations drugs with series of health benefits. However, according to many, tripping supplies produces deep, even profound states of awareness and can be used for many different purposes, such […]

Salvinorin Extraction

The primary and active ingredient in salvia Divinorum leaves is known as Salvinorin A, which is the compound that performs wonders in Salvia Divinorum. The process of extracting Salvinorin A from salvia leaves is known as Salvinorin Extraction, while the end product of this process is known as Salvia Extract. Traditionally, salvia leaves were always […]

Precautions you should take if you are trying Salvia for the first time

       Salvia contains a notable chemical substance called Salvinorin A. Salvinorin A is responsible for salvia’s mind-altering effects, hence the need to take some precautions. It is not chemically related to any other psychoactive drug. Unlike most visionary compounds, it is not an alkaloid. Pure Salvinorin A is exceptionally potent. Because of its […]

How to Enhance Your Divine Experiences with Salvia

Salvia is a herb that is found extensively in a particularly hilly region of Mexico. The plant is a member of the sage family that contains hallucinogens. For centuries, the Mazatec Indians have used the herb for medicinal purposes, divination and shamanism. The plant has been known to help many people around the world to […]

The Best Salvia Extracts Alternative to Marijuana

The Best Salvia Extracts Alternative to Marijuana  The salvia plant has an extended history of usage in the Mazateca. Salvia plant grows freely in the wild, and people use it for sacramental and healing ceremonies. The salvia plant contains the most potent natural hallucinogenic ever known, while the active compound in Salvia, “salvinorin-A,” has unequaled […]


Salvia Divinorum is a powerful psychoactive plant known as a member of the sage family. The main benefit and usefulness of Salvia Divinorum are to provide herbal medicines that promote wellness and well-being. 1G 10X Standardized Salvia Extract >>> SHOP NOW Moderate and considerable usage of salvia is a powerful tool for meditation and greater […]

How to Choose the Right Salvia Extract for Beginners

                                        How to Choose the Right Salvia Extract for Beginners        Salvia Divinorum means the “Diviners’ Sage” in the Aztec language. There are about 500 to 900 sub-species of herbs under the name salvia. While […]