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How to Choose the Right Salvia Extract for Beginners

                                        How to Choose the Right Salvia Extract for Beginners

       Salvia Divinorum means the “Diviners’ Sage” in the Aztec language. There are about 500 to 900 sub-species of herbs under the name salvia. While some contain healing and cleansing properties, only Salvia Divinorum contains a unique and powerful substance to aid people in their satisfaction, astral projection, and divination. Salvia herb is naturally found only in some regions of Mexico. Yet, because of its substantial commercial value, some people do cultivate the seasoning for the sole purpose of selling the leaves. The leaves are then harvested and sent to laboratories for extraction. It usually takes about 15 leaves of Salvia to create one gram – about 2 or 3 doses at most of the extra

 The ideal mode of Consuming Salvia Extract for beginners

Salvia extract for beginners can be consumed in various ways, but smoking with a bong-butane glass is the most common method. Although the ancient users of Salvia preferred to chew its leaves rather than smoke them because there was no extract then, they conformed to the raw consumption of Salvia. But nowadays, many Salvia users enjoy their trips by smoking (this could be due to its recreational value). However, some may ask why you bother to make salvia extract when you can consume Salvia Divinorum leaves.

The main reason is that Salvia Divinorum extracts offer a more concentrated form of Salvia and the complete forms are more powerful. For example, with a 10x extract, you can expect ten times the strength of Salvia leaves. Experienced Salvia users often opt to use higher concentrations of Salvia extract to achieve better and more extreme experiences. But for new users of Salvia, consuming salvia extracts helps you to measure the level of your intake and ability to consume. Usually, 10x would be more than sufficient for a new salvia user to experience the world of spirituality and divination. But as you get used to it, you consume more.

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 Smoking Salvia Extract for Beginners in a Bong

         Salvia is best enjoyed when smoked in a bong. They must be smoked hot, and the smoke must be inhaled deeply and quickly to have an effect. Salvinorin requires high temperatures to vaporize, so it is best to hold a flame immediately above the leaves, drawing it down into the leaves the whole time you inhale. The leaves can be smoked in a short-stemmed pipe or, most preferably, in a bong – a steamroller pipe. Fill up a medium size bowl with leaves. Use a handheld butane lighter that will go out when you are no longer pressing it. Not a match. Have a large ashtray or tip-proof bowl to set the pipe in when you feel you’ve had enough.

        The effects of Salvia extract for beginners comes quickly when smoked – within a few minutes, one will start to experience the psychedelic effects that can last for several minutes. The method used and the amount of dosage ingested are the two critical factors determining Salvia’s unique products. Low doses produce a milder or lighter effect, while severely strong effects are noted with higher doses.
Commonly sold concentrations are 10x, 20x, and 40x; the most vital doses available can go up to 60x and 80x. Higher concentrations of Salvia extracts should only be used by advanced users. These are people who know how to handle the effects they produce.

 Where to buy Salvia Divinorum

Many people contemplate the legality of possessing and using Salvia Divinorum in the US and another part of the world in general. It is legal in most parts of the world except in Australia. There have been quite a few ruckuses some time ago about banning Salvia extract for beginners. However, these efforts to put Salvia on the list of controlled substances for the entire country were not materialized.


         Fortunately, if you wish to buy Salvia, you can easily find it via online stores, and the cool part is that most online stores offer door-to-door delivery in a discreet style. Salvia Divinorum products are available in the form of fresh and dried leaves and the form of an extract. Prices vary depending on the type of Salvia product and also its quality. The dose of the Salvia extract for beginners is another factor affecting the price.

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