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Differences Between Salvia Divinorum and Shrooms

        In some ways shrooms and salvia are very much alike, and yet they have huge difference. Both offer mind-expanding experience, but both can also deliver very unpleasant trips when abused. Trips in which the user feels out of control or can cause self-harm if not watched out for in this state. One the biggest differences between the two is that the amount of research done on the effect of magic mushrooms is well documented, while little is known about the medical effects of Salvia. However, what is known about mushrooms is encouraging and could offer insight into what the other herb is also capable of doing.

Similarities Between Salvia and Shrooms

         Both of Salvia and Shrooms are psychoactive drugs and are in the category of hallucinogens known as psychedelics. Both will give the user vivid dream like visions and varying perceptions of reality. These are considered mind-altering compounds since those who experience their trips feel changed, and at times enlightened by the trip. Hallucinatory drugs such as these differ from other hallucinogens such as marijuana in giving the user a very intense experience immediately.

         Many who use weed tend to feel they are prepared to use it, but once they do there is a realization. This herb is vastly different from these two- Salvia and Shroom, in fact, most strains of pot are mild in comparison to the time of visionary experiences common in shrooms and salvia. Cannabis users are in the largest number of people that accidentally injury themselves or take too much on the first trip causing physical symptoms such as nausea and mental confusion. In using either these two substances it’s very important to use the least amount to achieve results at first no matter the amount of exposure to the drugs since both give powerful experiences.

Variances in Salvia and Shroom Trips

         The difference in trips between Salvia and shrooms is the duration. The effect of mushie caps is intense likewise salvia, but the duration is different. The time is fairly consistent among user feeling the effects of Salvia divinorum which last for at most 30 minutes. Those taking a mushroom journey will see effects for up to several hours. The reason is not the potency of either drug, but the immediate effect of receptors in the brain or how quickly these react to the drugs presence.

Their reaction in the body

          Psychedelics such as these don’t just change reality in the individual taking them in the manner often demonstrated in movies, video clips or shows. Also, the person taking these drugs will have incredibly vivid imaginary related to their own thoughts. For example, hearing the word honey can cause the person to actually see honey dripping off an object or people. Unfortunately, this can also mean that the word “blood” will have the same effect. In order to truly have the best journey with either of these natural psychedelics, a quiet room with only a guide or caretaker person around is suggested. The person taking these substances should do so when a positive and upbeat state of mind. It’s not recommended to take either drug after ingesting alcohol or other drugs as these can cause an unpredictable mixed reaction.

         Research has found that magic mushrooms have unforeseen benefits. As with all mushrooms this is a fungus not a plant. Like salvia these were used for hundreds of years in religious and spiritual ceremonies to open and expand the mind. Both were also used in healing rituals. Both also have more in common with LSD than marijuana. What researchers have discovered is that taking this mind altering -compound could be a treatment for depression and anxiety.

Deciding Between Shrooms and Salvia

         Using one or other of these two drugs is really a matter of taste and need. For those who don’t want to have several hours of altered reality salvia is the clear choice as it offers powerful and vivid perception changes quickly, and wears off just as fast. For those who feel too intense an experience is harder to deal with then the magic mushroom with slower times to effect, and a longer period of reaction is the better choice.

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