The Wolf Spider – 3” Blue Fumed Glass Spoon Hand Pipe Glass Bowl



“Creatively designed glass pipe”

  • 3” long from the mouthpiece to the end of the bowl.
  • Unique style and color with web-like design throughout the glass pipe.
  • The glass is fumed during blowing process to give it an added stylish touch.

The Wolf Spider is a pipe perfectly designed for the lone wolf smoker. This 3-inch bowl is convenient and ideal for a quick, smooth smoke session to enjoy at your own leisure. Its small but sturdy size makes it easy to store, in your nightstand or bedroom drawer, but this glass pipe does not sacrifice style for function. The glass blowers creatively infused this glass bowl with a unique and badass design. The style of this pipe looks like the webbed nest of a Wolf Spider, with a fiber design that wraps around the entire pipe and leads into the bowl just like the entrance of a spider nest. The glass blowers also created this pipe with blue fumed glass so as you use the pipe and smoke from it the color will start to change and develop. The fumed glass gives this bowl yet another dimension of creativity, giving you a convenient but stylish pipe that’s perfect for a quick and easy smoke session.


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