The Twilight Saga Eclipse – 5″ Dual Fritted Glass Pipe



“Silver fumed pipes”

  • Four Gorgeous rings or bubbles stacked on top of each other makes this pipe very unique. Made of high quality borosilicate glass and triple blown means it is very thick. Glass is very shiny.
  • Pipe is silver fumed throughout and that means this pipe will change colors the more you smoke it. The pipe has colored lattachinoes (stripes) and is inside the glass, hence it is an inside out pipe. It is fumed, meaning the more you smoke the more the clear part of the glass will change colors.
  • This pipe will grow with you and evolve over time to look completely different! Clean the pipe to make it look like when you first got it and start the color changing process all over again! Pipe..
  • This glass item is individually hand-blown and beautifully handcrafted. Colors may vary from photos, making yours a one of a kind item! However, it will look the same overall. See pictures for examples.


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