21″ Monster Zong Water Pipe – Pentakinked Double Zong



Super thick 6mm Glass

This beast of a pipe will make your smoke zig zag! Features: Super thick 6mm Glass. Unique zong pattern with 5 kinks or spikes to make a zig zag design. Gorgeous patterns at bottom of base. Pattern is known as wrapped and raked and is multicolored. Includes matching full sized fumed bowl. Width of base is 5 inches. Width from edge of kink to kink is 8 inches. Amazing price for a water pipe of this caliber. Colors may vary. Creating the zong shape is not an easy to do task. A lot of work and patience goes into creating this work of art. It is a very unique design that will impress anyone you show it to. This design contains 5 points, which are also known as kinks. The kinks not only look cool, but they also act as a neat way to grip your gear, to prevent slip ups while smoking. This is a penta-kinked water pipe. The glass water pipe is created out of thick 6mm glass and is very sturdy, thick and heavy. This pipe is fumed. That means it will change color after every smoking session. It will grow with you the more you smoke from it. The fumed color changing action is built into the base of this water pipe. As you can see, the base itself is very gorgeous with a wrapped and racked design. The pipe will come with a matching full sized bowl. This glass item is individually hand-blown and beautifully handcrafted. Colors may vary from photos, making yours a one of a kind item! However, it will look the same overall.


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