The Majin Boo – 5.25” Purple Mini Bong Water Pipe



Small and convenient size

  • Small and convenient size so you can enjoy a water pipe smoke session from anywhere you’d like.
  • Unique shiny purple color and a double bubble water chamber design.
  • Comes with a large cool clear glass bowl, which can be easily removed.

The Majin Boo is just here to have fun, it doesn’t want any problems. This is a nicely sized, mini water pipe that combines a convenient size with a unique style. This mini bong is about 5.25-inches in size, and is blown with shiny purple glass and a chubby water chamber that’ll stand out in any glass collection. The double rolls on the water chamber can’t hide, that chubbiness is what makes this pipe. This water pipe is still easy to carry around and smoke, and looks cool too. The best of both worlds. This water pipe also comes with a really big, clear glass bowl that contrasts sharply with the deep purple of the tube. It’s a cool combination that still gives this minimalist water pipe a lot of personality. So you don’t have to clear the bowl in order to move the smoke up the neck and into your lungs. The bowl on this pipe can still be removed easily, so you can clean and maintain it with no problems.


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