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Salvia Divinorum: Uses, Benefits, Dosages, Trip time

          Salvia divinorum herb is a psychoactive plant commonly known as diviner’s sage or seer’s sage, and it produces dissociative effects and hallucinations when used. It generally grows in marshes and swamps. Mazatec shamans used this herb for several years during spiritual healing. The shamans would sit or lie down in […]

Top 5 Fresh Herbal Incense on

The following are some of the best fresh herbal incense you will likely come across in our shop. Please feel free to explore. Scooby            After all, this is one of the best aromatic incense ever made. It’s guaranteed to be a hot product for a long time, giving what is […]

Precautions you should take if you are trying Salvia for the first time

       Salvia contains a notable chemical substance called Salvinorin A. Salvinorin A is responsible for salvia’s mind-altering effects, hence the need to take some precautions. It is not chemically related to any other psychoactive drug. Unlike most visionary compounds, it is not an alkaloid. Pure Salvinorin A is exceptionally potent. Because of its […]