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The following are some of the best fresh herbal incense you will likely come across in our shop. Please feel free to explore.



         After all, this is one of the best aromatic incense ever made. It’s guaranteed to be a hot product for a long time, giving what is needed for ultimate enjoyment. This incense has a high potency, so expect endless hours of pleasure. Get your aromatic blends only from Scooby Incense. Most of our customers want only the best incense that can satisfy their cravings. It is not surprising that they go for the Scooby.

Caution Blue Fresh Herbal Incenses

    Believe me, as the name implies – you need to be cautious in doing this. It is for the strong. It is an entirely natural incense, and you must be aware of its strong incense, which will overwhelm your senses within seconds. Whether you want to indulge yourself in some authentic herbal aromatherapy or impress your guests with its excellent aroma, Caution incense is the thing you want.




         The remarkable effect of the SuperNova aroma comes from the minty fragrance, which makes it strong but not very hard-hitting. This gives a feeling of tranquility and makes the interiors’ atmosphere superbly alluring and pleasant. Exclusive herbs and incredible blending make a delightful fragrance more potent than all the fragrances. The blast of aroma is capable of taking you to another world.

         The extraordinary herbs that make this fresh herbal incense give it an excellent quality to render the aromatic properties that we so strongly believe in. being herbal is also safe. The aroma is very calm and light, giving a dry touch. The more you indulge in it, you will get the scent of whole fruits and natural herbs, transporting you into natural calmness.

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WTF? Fresh Herbal Incense


            You are still wondering where the name comes from, but you won’t be puzzled for long before you find out. Wait till you smell this aromatic incense! Your first reaction would be, WTF! This incense has the world’s most succulent and mild herbal blend, which makes all its users exclaim in surprise. The incense has a dry crunchy texture, due to which the smoothness of the fragrance makes you lose your mind completely. The fragrance has a fruity solid edge, which provokes your senses but does not overpower them. So, you keep coming back for more.

        Whether you had a busy day at work or a dull day at home, light up this incense, and you will magically feel all the tension floating away! Not only will you be happy, but its long-lasting fragrance will keep your interiors smelling fruity and fresh for a very long time. So even your family stays happy.

Phoenix Kratom 30x 


      This is one of the top quality fresh herbal incense products that comes sealed and stamped for your super potent Aroma use. We all know aromatherapy is about relaxing, calming, soothing, and mood-enhancing fragrances. But now it is time to enjoy aromatherapy with a fragrance that takes you to another world. It takes you far away from your everyday troubles and hassles and makes you drift away into peacefulness and happiness. It is one of the most extraordinary blends of fragrances that incense lovers have been waiting eagerly for. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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  1. Justin Watkins

    How can I purchase some of the Caution Blue? Can you send me a link to website to purchase please. Thank you

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