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5 Most Deadly Synthetic Drugs on the Streets

         Hundreds of dangerous synthetic drugs are in the world, hiding throughout each corner of our planet, seeping into new areas, and creating new addicts daily. If you’ve taken even a few of these in your lifetime, it’s a bit of a surprise you’re not already dead in a ditch somewhere because […]

Top 10 Incenses to Smoke at a Party

        When discussing the list of top Incense available, the best incenses to smoke are the purely natural ones. It simply refers to the Incense that comes from purely natural woods and plants. The aroma should be from natural ingredients instead of artificial fragrances. Still, Incense to smoke at a party, on […]

Salvia Divinorum and DPH Trips

         Salvia and DPH are extremely potent and typical Psychedelic. It is well known for its often steady and handy effects, which caused it to be used as more of a spiritual aid in the early days than a recreational hallucinogen. Salvia (Salvia divinorum) is a plant belonging to the mint family. […]

Legal Highs Side Effects

         New psychoactive substances (NPS), are often ‘legal high’ ‘illegal legals’ or ‘illegal highs’, are substances designed to produce the same, or similar effects, to drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, and ecstasy, but are structurally different enough to avoid being controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act. In the past, they were […]

How can Salvia Divinorum help treat Depression

         A growing number of the population are taking salvia for its consistent hallucinogenic effects, especially to treat depression. Salvia divinorum, a flowering plant in the mint family is also referred to as diviner’s sage, magic mint, or purple sticky. It was originally used in religious rituals by the holy men of […]

Salvia divinorum or Legal highs? The Most Potent of the Two

         Classifying Salvia based on its effect is quite selective and through this, the conclusion can be made without much ado. Though many people are curious about the classification of this herb and its legal status, but the truth is Salvia Divinorum is literarily termed as a psychoactive plant. Salvia was initially […]

Buying Tripping Supplies from Vendors You Can Trust

      Tripping supplies are exceptional and extraordinary visionary herbs that are indeed rising in popularity with time and usage. These are regarded as great relations drugs with series of health benefits. However, according to many, tripping supplies produces deep, even profound states of awareness and can be used for many different purposes, such […]

The Psychedelics Adverse Effects

            Psychedelic drugs are considered to be less addictive in general compared to stimulants and opioids. It is said to be less likely to be abused on a long term basis long term, and less likely to cause intense physical side effects or overdose. They are often thought of as […]