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Salvia Divinorum Facts: Narcotic Drug or Medical Treasure

            Classifying Salvia based on its effect is quiet obvious and conclusion can be made without much ado, incuding classifying it as a narcotic drug. Though many people are curious about the classification of this herb, its future class and legal status. It is known that If the government and DEA classify #salvia divinorum as a narcotic drug, then it could be banned everywhere especially in America. As a result, critics have been saying that salvia divinorum is a threat to society and it poses a great risk, therefore the government should make it illegal. They do not know salvia divinorum facts nor its full potential.

Salvia Divinorum Overview

           Salvia Divinorum is literarily termed as a psychoactive plant which was initially unknown to the outside world until recently, when it became much more readily available in form of extracts with well-studied information due to the advent of the Internet. Just like any other psychoactive plant, it immediately became a target of many accusations and criticism, often unjustified (for the sheer reason there is no conclusive research that would prove any negative long-term effects of its consumption). All thoughtful scientists that took some time to study Salvia Divinorum share one common view upon it: “its effects have nothing in common with powerful hallucinogens like LSD, to which it is often inaccurately compared on media”.

Narcotic Drug Overview

        On the other hand, Narcotics drugs are hazardous drugs that could alter someone’s perception, attentiveness and sensory functions. Doctors only use narcotics to lessen and remove the pain to help patient survive and endure surgery. Without the drug it would be very hard to keep everything safe during medical procedure. Narcotics are unlike one another because of their potency, as each one is designed for a specific purpose only. It does not matter if the drug created is just a mere analgesic, several individuals can still experiences addiction if abused.

The side effects of narcotic drugs are drowsiness, euphoria, anxiety, equanimity, analgesia and respiration. Another thing about side effects is that, they can also become dangerous if the drug taken have high dosage or combine with alcohol or other narcotic drugs. At first, they will fall asleep and then their brain function will stop working until the respiratory system succumbs eventually, and probably, they die.

Salvia Divinorum Facts as a Unique Herb

        In many ways Salvia Divinorum is in a class by itself. No other herb or drug, is really very much like it. It is misleading to compare Salvia Divinorum to other psychoactive substances. Salvia is not “legal pot”, Salvia Divinorum is not “legal acid.” It is a truly unique visionary herb. Salvia leaf is physically quite safe. It is very gentle on the body. No one has ever died from Salvia usage or overdose. These are some salvia divinorum facts you must keep in mind as a new user.

Salvia is not a stimulant, Salvia Divinorum is not a sedative, Salvia Divinorum is not a narcotic and Salvia Divinorum is not a tranquilizer. Like many entheogens, Salvia Divinorum can induce visions, yet it is quite different from other entheogens. No one knows how salvinorin works in the brain. We do know Salvia Divinorum works differently than any other known substance. There is a lot of wrong information out there about salvia, like;

  • Salvia is not a dangerous drug
  • Salvia is not habit forming (non-addictive drug)
  • No one has ever died from Salvia
  • Salvia is medicinal in nature (use to cure some diseases)

Medical Uses of Salvia Divinorum

       Talking about the medicinal use of Salvia Divinorum, according to its history, it has been used by Mazatec Indians for hundreds of years. That is mainly in order to induce shamanistic hallucinations or divinations. In addition to that, it has been known as a potent medicinal herb. It is used to cure various illnesses, ranging from diarrhea and rheumatism to anemia and personality disorders.

        Also, it’s been observed now that Salvia Divinorum facts can be used to cure the addiction to other narcotics and drugs which are much more potent and undoubtedly more harmful substances, like meth or cocaine. It can be used to treat mental disorders, which has been practiced (albeit in a quasi-mystical sense) for centuries by Mazatec diviners, which means that in future it can open the way to creating the whole array of new drugs that can be used to deal with schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic pain and other serious illnesses.


        Although research in medical qualities of this fascinating plant has been so far sketchy at best, what we know by now shows that Salvia Divinorum has a bright future, at least if the governments of more influential countries can overcome their cultural bias and become more tolerant of research in this direction. Now that you know salvia divinorum facts, please visit our site for the best dried salvia.

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