• Height: 8.5″
  • Base Diameter: 3.25″
  • 14mm Color Bead Bowl Included
  • 14mm Male Banger Included
  • Reinforced Fixed Downstem
  • Showerhead Percolator
  • Made of High Quality Materials

If you’re looking for an efficient, simple, and well designed water pipe, then look no further. The THE PRIMAL – 9″ SHOWERHEAD Primal is a no frills pipe that focuses on providing you with the best hit possible. The bell shaped base of the pipe is large and sturdy. In addition, it allows plenty of room for water, so you can maximize the effects of the bubbling. At the center of the water chamber sits a ball perc that creates plenty of smooth bubbles as you inhale. Once filtered, the smoke rises up and circulates through the discs on the neck of the piece. Then, it travels through the slightly bent neck, that allows for comfortable smoking. The domed mouthpiece furthers the comfort of the smoking experience by creating a straw-like inhale. This pipe comes with a high quality 14mm banger, and is made of durable high quality glass. If you’re looking for a great dab rig, look not further.


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