Tagetes Lucida Leaves 1st QUALITY


Tagetes Lucida is a beautiful, bright green perennial herb from the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico.

In ceremonies, the Huichol Indians from the Sierra Madre Mountains worked with this curious plant as a ritual incense.

Tagetes lucida has been used since pre-Hispanic times. When blended in equal amounts with Aztec marigold (Tagetes erecta), it matches a smoking blend combination the Aztecs called “Zempaxochitl.”

  • Prices are for orders of 20 kilos minimum of each product or a mix of all from wholesale or some of them, and as all the products that we sell are CIF, that means that is including freight to USA, insurance and also all the official documentation as the International Phytosanitary Certificate that we get from Mexican government. ( shipped from Mexico )


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