Rivea Corymbosa Seeds 1st QUALITY


Rivea corymbosa (common synonym: Turbina corymbosa), belongs to the group of morning glory plants which are native to Latin American countries, from Mexico in the North to Peru in the South and it is widely naturalised elsewhere. Its seeds grow out into a perennial climbing vine with white flowers, often planted as an ornamental plant.

For a long time not many others than the indigenous peoples of Mexico had knowledge about the use of ololiuqui. In this area, it was the most widely used hallucinogenic. Today you can find the seeds in almost all the villages of Oaxaca, where they serve the natives by providing help or answers to them. The seeds are used for their psychedelic purposes by the Aztec priests in order to communicate with their gods. Ololiuqui is also used in traditional Mexican medicine as a cure for flatulence, to remedy venereal troubles, to dull pain, and to remove tumours. It’s been said to work miracles when properly propitiated.

  • Prices are for orders of 20 kilos minimum of each product or a mix of all from wholesale or some of them, and as all the products that we sell are CIF, that means that is including freight to USA, insurance and also all the official documentation as the International Phytosanitary Certificate that we get from Mexican government. ( shipped from Mexico )


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