• Height: 10″
  • Base Diameter: 3″ Round Base Bottom
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • 14mm Bowl & Downstem Combo included
  • Dual Inline Domed Percolator w/ 3 Diffuser Holes
  • Made of High Quality Materials
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Two dome-shaped percolators with 3 diffuser holes per bulb. 19mm Joint size. Double Bubble Bottom percolator bong. Ice Catcher notches. Frosted pink Color. This bong will cool off your smoke for smooth hits. A percolator acts to force smoke through long chambers, which further filters the smoke and smoothens it. This 10-inch percolator has a double dome-shaped diffuser. Dome-shaped percolators are also known as bulb percolators. Each dome or bulb contains 3 diffuser holes, further cooling the smoke. This percolator comes in a gorgeous pink color. The pipe comes complete with an ice catcher for further superior smoke! Glass on glass downstem and bowl slide are included with this percolator. Downstem contains diffuser notches as well. The bottom Jar design allows for an increased water height and forces the smoke to go through more water. Note that each item is handmade, and shape and colors may vary slightly.


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