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5 Most Deadly Synthetic Drugs on the Streets

         Hundreds of dangerous synthetic drugs are in the world, hiding throughout each corner of our planet, seeping into new areas, and creating new addicts daily. If you’ve taken even a few of these in your lifetime, it’s a bit of a surprise you’re not already dead in a ditch somewhere because they are regarded as the most deadly drugs on the street out there;

Fentanyl Synthetic Drugs

       Fentanyl is one of America’s most dangerous opioids. Drug dealers commonly use fentanyl to dilute heroin. Still, it can also come on its own as counterfeit Oxycontin or Xanax. However, fentanyl has legitimate medical uses, such as treating cancer patients with severe pain. A potent synthetic opioid drug, fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine and is sold illegally in several forms, including powder, tablets, mixed with heroin, or spiked on blotter paper.

Side effects

    People who abuse it are at very high risk for overdose due to its potency and unpredictable ingredients, especially if unaware that a pill or powder contains fentanyl. A tiny sprinkle of this synthetic drug can be deadly, and a person can overdose simply by touching it or inhaling the powder.7

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Ecstasy Synthetic Drugs

        Ecstasy or Molly used to be very popular in the nightclub and rave scene, but it has since become a popular drug among various groups. Law enforcement officials report that much of the Ecstasy they seize that comes as “pure Molly” contains various harmful additives, including synthetic cathinone (bath salts).13

         Since users don’t always know what they are consuming when they take Ecstasy, this designer drug can be hazardous, especially when combined with other drugs like alcohol or marijuana (which it frequently is).

Side Effects

     Ecstasy may be more psychological than physical for some users and can produce unpredictable effects such as hostility, panic attacks, psychosis, hallucinations, and delusions. For this reason, it is safest to withdraw from Ecstasy at a professional detox center.

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Pink (U-47700) Synthetic Drugs

         U-4770, more commonly known as Pink or U4, is a synthetic opioid pain medication that the DEA has linked to multiple deaths since 2015. This designer drug is primarily manufactured in secret laboratories in China and sold on the internet as a “research chemical” to avoid legal detection.14

        Pink is also frequently sold on the streets and combined with other synthetic drugs like heroin or fentanyl. Some dealers will even pass it off as heroin or prescription opioid tablets, so users are not always aware that they are consuming Pink. Pink (U-47700) is possibly seven to eight times more potent than morphine. Still, its potency is often unmeasurable as various batches come from illegal labs. These may contain varying cocktails of chemical ingredients.15 Since users don’t always know what they are consuming, drug detox for Pink or any other synthetic drug should come under medical supervision.

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Side effects

        If the overdose is not immediately fatal and someone is available to call for help. First responders can employ naloxone, an opiate antidote, to save a life. However, there are fears the effects of U-47700 are so strong it could be resistant to naloxone. That happens especially when multiple doses are unavailable.

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Oxycodone Synthetic Drugs

     A popular opioid prescription painkiller, Oxycodone, also known as OxyContin, is prone to abuse. Almost 2 million Americans were addicted to prescription painkillers in 2014, and over 1,000 received emergency room care for abusing these prescriptions.


Side Effects

The side effect of the abuse of this drug includes uncontrollable disorder in the system and grief hallucinations. It might lead to mental illness when you take it for a long time.


 Foxy Methoxy Synthetic Drugs

         They are also known as DiPT (abbreviated at 5-MEO-DIPT scientifically). Foxy Methoxy is a hallucinogenic drug known for its auditory psychoactive effects. It causes users to see unreal things, hear, smell, and feel. You even taste things that only dwell within the imagination. There is a lack of studies about this particular drug, and users can’t know the source. Purity of any sample, both of which can lead to potentially fatal consequences.

          It is a part of the Tryptamines category. The drug comes naturally in the body or in synthetic form. Foxy Methoxy is a synthetic substance classified as a Schedule 1 drug. That means it has no medical benefits and is illegal to possess in all circumstances. The drug can potentially affect your hearing even after it wears off. It prevents users from differentiating between sounds in proximity and background noise.

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