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Top 10 Salvia Trip Experience

       Salvinorin A effects produce robust psychedelic responses within seconds after taking. Users will often laugh uncontrollably, and they cannot form intelligible words if they try to speak. Users will feel spatial effects and pressure on the body, often described as being pulled or twisted by some force. A Salvia trip often conjures up visions of childhood memories and unrealistic images. However, as with many psychedelic substances, the effects of salvia vary from person to person. Below are the top 10 Salvia trip Experiences from Salvia users:

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#1 Experience:

        Tried it with some friends many years ago. I blacked out for most of the 5-minute salvia trip. The next thing I remember is sitting on a rock where trees were dancing and singing. A squirrel was on the tree next to me, telling me about how the trees like me a lot. Then I heard a friend call my name, and I looked where the squirrel was, and he was gone.

#2 Experience: Mom’s Salvia Trip

        My mom’s salvia trip was a better experience. She had never done any drugs before, but there was a time I had some friends over, and we persuaded her to try salvia. Immediately after she exhales, she picks up an ashtray and threatens to throw it at a horse in the room (whereas there’s no horse), the horse being my friend Greg. She told him to stop galloping on her new carpet, but he was sitting down

#3 Experience:

      The first time I did salvia, it only lasted about 3 minutes of real-time, but inside the salvia trip, I was an astronaut going through a black hole, and I was watching it happen from the view of a news team’s desk who was interviewing me. I stood up from my real-life chair a few times, and every time I made it, the trip would go decades into the future. I must have gone through a few hundred years because it seems very long.

#4 Experience:

      My friends were playing Street Fighter, and I watched as I took it. The screen slowly morphed around me, and the world became pixelated. It reminded me of a Mario game, and I started going through the level. But it didn’t last long. I started coming out of it and was very confused about what had happened.

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#5 Experience: A Hazardous Salvia Trip

        My salvia trip was hazardous as I became deluded that coal in the campfire beside me was a rabbit and reached into the flames and tried to grab it. Luckily my friend prevented this from happening in the nick of time. The hit doesn’t last longer than a few minutes, though.

#6 Experience:

         Everything was super fun for the first half, and we were all laughing, but then my buddy rolled his head back in laughter and freaked the fuck out. He started screaming that his head had fallen off, so the rest of the short-lived experience was scary and uncomfortable. Glad it wasn’t an 8-hour boomer trip

#7 Experience: Salvia Trip Skills

       Immediately, I began to lose basic control skills to the point where I couldn’t remember essential functions like “sitting up” or “moving my arms.” I eventually fell off the couch to the floor where I could not stand back up because I was stuck in a world where I was not the one controlling myself, and everything I tried seemed like the world shifted underneath me. After a few minutes, my motor skills were restored, and all I could do was sit back on the couch, which required remembering how to move my body parts in a coordinated manner.

#8 Experience:

       The moment I inhaled it, I started wiggling out on my couch because it felt like a ball of energy was about to explode, telling everyone how great the salvia trip felt. I was seeing myself among stars like in the solar system, and everything was moving very fast until it wore off

#9 Experience:

        I had an almost vivid experience that was both horrifying and life-changing. The duration of the salvia trip was enjoyable—a strong feeling of moving diagonally through space and laughing uncontrollably. When I returned to reality, my consciousness seemed to be “skipping” like a record, and I couldn’t shake the feeling for about half an hour. I panicked and hid under the sheets in my friend’s bed, refusing to leave.

#10 Experience: Salvia Trip Take Away

        I lost complete touch with reality. Right after I blew out smoke, I could feel myself zooming away, and I tried to fight it while I could feel my body turn into shifting bricks. I could hear footsteps trying hard to keep up and stay in the present. I then slipped away, and then I was lying on the ground.

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