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Spiritual Cleansing: Salvia Divinorum Can Be Used for Spirituality

The appliance of Salvia Divinorum can be endless, whether you are treating minor illnesses, looking for a nutritional, organic plant source, or searching for a peaceful, exceedingly superb life. Most would agree there is a more meaningful purpose as to why the plant was discovered-spiritual cleansing.

How do we decide to use it? Should it be demonstrated respectfully? However, the outcome of your experience is entirely up to you. It wouldn’t hurt to thoroughly educate yourself on the background of a perplexed plant that strongly shaped the culture of an entire civilization. Most users tend to have a bad experience because they lack the necessary knowledge to define the plant’s correct use.

Understanding Salvia as A Tool for Spiritual Cleansing

Once you understand the plant’s definitive meaning, you will view the world as the Mazatecs once did. Salvia Divinorum was first discovered by the indigenous ( Mazatec ) people of Oaxaca, Mexico. Its crops within the tribes made it a viral tool among the Mazatecs. People used its leaves in their cooking and extracted its rich juices to heal the sick. Without access to traditional medicine, the extract became a valuable substitute. Secretly known to treat Depression, Anxiety, and severe drug,, and alcohol addiction, not to mention under the proper supervision, its use has been able to help rehabilitate users back to normalcy.

But what has truly defined its legendary ability to produce the organic chemical Salvinorin-A? There have been thousands of Sage plants discovered and classified in the mint family. Documented to become something more than your average plant once lit, It wasn’t until the Shamans of the Mazatec’s and local tribes understood the potential use of this plant’s spiritual cleansing capabilities.

Higher Sense of Enlightenment

For the first time in history, the ability to be able to reach a higher sense of enlightenment became possible. Standard methods used by the Mazatec’s were often smoking, crushing for its juices, or chewing. Shamans of the Mazatec civilization usually chewed its leaves. Smoking the plant can be highly intense for some users. Many users would claim this is one of the most intense ways to use the plant because it instantly extracts its psychoactive effects.

Other methods,, such as chewing or crushing its juices, were mainly popular among the shamans as it was used in many religious ceremonies to communicate with sacred entities or beings from other dimensions for a higher level of enlightenment. Salvia Divinorum is also known in many parts of the world as a holy plant. Its use was strictly for spiritualistic cleansing. We strongly encourage our customers to use Salvia Divinorum ceremoniously.


It is not a “party drug” meant to be abused. Please take the essential time to educate yourself on the history of the plant’s existence. By doing so, you will ultimately have a better understanding of its astonishing benefits. You will genuinely perceive the world as the shamans once did.

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