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Psychedelic Experience / Experience of injecting Salvia Extracts

        Salvia Divinorum is a psychoactive plant that can produce strong dissociative effects when it is smoked or eaten. The level of its effects on a user are not easily determined from one user to the next and the unpredictable nature of this drug makes it highly daring. Currently, the plant is not known to cause severe health problems or the possibility of addiction, but its effects when taken are obvious. What is known is that the substance may cause intense, psychological effects as well as many physical ones. The psychedelic experience of this herb is covered in this article.

Psychedelic effects of Salvia on the Brain and Body

        Salvia is known as a psychedelic or hallucinogenic substance, which means that it causes intense effects on a person’s sensory perceptions, mood, and other psychological functions. Still, it is important to understand that the drug causes physical effects as well, otherwise known as psychedelic experience.

Most of these effects are considered to be harmless when the drug is taken in a low or moderate doses, but they can be problematic, depending on where the individual is and what they are doing. Currently, the plant is not known to cause any health complications or chances of addiction, but what is known is that the substance may cause intense psychological effects as well as many physical ones, below are part of its psychedelic effects on the body.


         When a person abuses salvia by taking over dose, the drug is likely to cause dizziness which might be dangerous and injurious especially during the process of a technical activity like driving. Therefore, it is important to treat salvia like any other mind-altering chemical or drug and to avoid activities that require concentration or may become dangerous under its influence; another psychedelic experience.

Harmonization Complication

       A similar issue involves problems with control and coordination of body systems motor skills when someone is high on the effects of salvia extract but these effects wear off after the high which sometimes last from 15 to 40 depending on the method use in injecting the substance.

Inaudible and indistinct Speech Psychedelic Experience

       This effect becomes obvious to others, especially if the individual is extremely high. Indistinct sentence patterns are also caused by a salvia high, and those who are abusing the drug will often not notice that they are speaking strangely, even though others will.

Nausea and Vomiting

       Most hallucinogenic drugs cause gastrointestinal problems like nausea and vomiting, and salvia is no exception. The drug’s effects can be intense, and many individuals are not prepared to feel sick as a result of their salvia high.

Chills Psychedelic Experience

       Hallucinogenic drugs often alter a user’s body temperature along with their sensory perceptions. Most of these cause an increase in temperature, which is why users experience chills.

Profuse Sweating

       Salvia abuse also causes intense sweating as a result of the effects on the individual’s body temperature. The psychedelic experience can add to the appearance of an intoxicated state. t is another reason why salvia should not be used in public.


     There have been some reports of the drug causing loss of consciousness when abused in high doses. Although this does not always occur, it is a possibility and is more likely to happen if an individual takes high doses frequently.


     The psychological side effects of salvia abuse do currently seem to present more of a danger than the effects the drug has on the user’s bodily state. But it is still important to be aware of these physical side effects and to know which are to be expected. The psychedelic experience mentioned may be a sign of potentially dangerous consequences. The level of its intensity mainly depend on the amount of dose taken, everyone has a certain amount of dose in which their body system can process without doing much harm. Therefore in order to avoid most of these effects, it is better to take a desirable amount of dose and in the right place.

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