2G 10X Standardized Salvia Extract

2G 10X Standardized Salvia Extract

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2 Gram 10Standardized Salvia Divinorum Extract

Standardized Extract means you receive lab tested, a quality-guaranteed extract made with a 10 to 1 extraction technique made of the highest quality.  You will not find a better quality product at a lower cost anywhere.
 Our 10x Salvia Divinorum Extract contains 36mg of pure salvinorin-A per gram of extract
                                                                                         (note: 1 gram is pictured, you will receive two (2) 1G bags)
Must be 18 or older to purchase for incense use. These products are not intended for human consumption, smoke inhalation may be harmful, and if you choose to, you do it at your own risk.
Please check terms of service for more information.

2 reviews for 2G 10X Standardized Salvia Extract

  1. (verified owner)

    4 out of 5

    Very pleased.
    I had never tried salvia before ordering this. My order arrived within ~1 week. I only smoked this 10x extract through a tobacco pipe, so I didn’t “break through”, so to speak (it is recommended to use a water pipe for this) but I did certainly experience salvia’s lighter effects!

  2. (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    First time ordering. I initially got lackluster results. It turns out my pipe was terrible and wasting most of the material. I got a proper water pipe, and though the bowl was too small to breakthrough with 10x, I felt the power of this plant. Definitely planning on ordering again with a more potent extract.

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