Salvia Divinorum Fresh Dried Leaves Package 1 oz


The first Salvia Divinorum Leaves is consistently a work of art. Not exactly as powerful as the Salvia Extracts, yet at the same time a “plant of the divine” no different. Pick our top-notch grade-A Salvia Divinorum leaves bundle sent from Mexico.

Salvia is devoured from numerous points of view some like to smoke dried Salvia leaves while others like to bite it new. Be that as it may, the most well-known and furthermore the most generally utilized strategy is smoking.

Salvia Divinorum items are accessible as new and dried leaves, and as a concentrate. Costs differ contingent upon the sort of Salvia item and furthermore it’s quality. The portion of the Salvia extricate is likewise another factor that influences the cost. Normally, the higher the measurement of the Salvia removes, the more Salvia leaves it would require to deliver it.

Fresh Dried Salvia Divinorum Leaves Package $29.97 (1 ounce)

1 Ounce Premium Salvia Divinorum

Good for Chewing, Smoking or Tea Boil

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