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Taking Salvia: Alternative Ways to Consume It

       Traditional Salvia divinorum is used by the Mazatec people through oral ingestion. The primary traditional method of taking salvia involves grinding large quantities of fresh salvia leaves. You then infuse water with them to make a salvia tea. This method has the drawback of being less potent because the active ingredient of […]

Psychedelic Plants You Wish You Knew Before

      A psyche plant is a psychoactive herb or shrubs whose principal deed is to alter reasoning and perception. Psychedelic plants are part of a wider class of psychoactive medications known as hallucinogens. Unlike other drugs or plants such as stimulants and opioids which induce familiar states of consciousness, psychedelic plants tend to […]

Psychedelic Experience / Experience of injecting Salvia Extracts

        Salvia Divinorum is a psychoactive plant that can produce strong dissociative effects when it is smoked or eaten. The level of its effects on a user are not easily determined from one user to the next and the unpredictable nature of this drug makes it highly daring. Currently, the plant is […]