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Best Salvia Burning Equipment on Amazon in 2022

All salvias can be consumed in different ways. You can either choose to chew and swallow it, chew and spit, or soak it in a solvent before drinking. However, these techniques can only be used if the leaves are fresh. But did you know that sages are also smoked, just like cannabis? Well, the absorption […]

Bong Features: What Makes a Bong Handy

       Bongs are now the most trending apparatus regarding the intake of psychedelics. It has been reported to be the easiest and safest way of injecting psychedelics. Right now many people are now considering the option of buying a bong. This article entails a few things you should look out for when purchasing […]

What happens to your body when you smoke Salvia Divinorum

         Like other hallucinogens, salvia induces hallucinatory effects that persist for varying amounts depending on the quantity of dose taken. Salvia also has a unique chemical makeup, unlike any other drug. When used for recreational purposes, users either smoke salvia, vaporize or snort it. Salvia Overview         Salvia Divinorum […]

Top 5 Best Funny Salvia Trip Videos

       The name “salvia” was derived from Latin origins meaning “to feel well, healthy, to heal.” Salvia is known to produce hallucinogenic experiences, commonly referred by the common man as “tripping balls”.  However, unlike acid, shroom, or some of the more staunch hallucinogens out there. Salvia is known to be relatively harmless because […]