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Top 5 Best Funny Salvia Trip Videos

       The name “salvia” was derived from Latin origins meaning “to feel well, healthy, to heal.” Salvia is known to produce hallucinogenic experiences, commonly referred by the common man as “tripping balls”.  However, unlike acid, shroom, or some of the more staunch hallucinogens out there. Salvia is known to be relatively harmless because […]

Legal status of Salvia Divinorum in US and Europe

Legal status of Salvia Divinorum in US and Europe Until recently, salvia was a completely an unfettered plant, expert evidence shows that there is no compelling reason for regulation of this herb but despite its lack of realistic reason for regulation, lawmakers worldwide have turned their attention towards salvia due to the fact that it […]

How To Get The Best Salvia Online & How To Use It Correctly

Salvia divinorum is known as diviner sage, it is a plant from the mint family. It’s a species of sage and is grown in the Mazatec region of Mexico. It contains a substance called salvinorin-A, which is the most potent naturally occurring vision inducer. Salvia is a consciousness-changing herb that can be used in a […]