Joker Potpourri 4G

Joker Potpourri 4G

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Joker 4G

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Platinum Quality herbal incense
Joker Incense 4 grams
Joker incense, a herbal incense blend mixture, high end legal herbal mix.  
Sold in 4 grams. 
Joker PotPourri , which comes with a great mix of hydroponic quality incense and a botanical extract, that will knock you off your feet.
The taste is nothing to laugh about, just a tiny scent will do you dirty. Do keep in mind that the aroma is huge and seems like it will never fade.

3 reviews for Joker Potpourri 4G

  1. 5 out of 5

    Today, to be safe, i look for legal herbal mix. Seriously I have found it. must say it is a wonderful herbal incense. I have found this store and bought this. The blend of hydroponic incense with the botanical extract in it is sure to give you a knock. The first time I tasted it was amazing. I take it once a week 4gram at $24 and whenever I take it I found myself in heaven.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Last week I have visited thebestsalvia.com and found that there were huge numbers of herbal salvia products of incense. I stay in a PG and availing costly products for a hallucinogenic effect is no way. So, when I came across this site, I was over excited. They just do not sell lab tested products but all are herbal ones and legal (they claiming it not sure about) but I am so happy to find them. The packet of Joker has cost me only $24, whereas other sites sold much costly ones, which I was unable to handle.

  3. 5 out of 5

    In may of 2017 I purchased this and it was the best stuff I’ve ever bought/experienced! Would recommend to anyone seeking an alternative!

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