G13 Incense 4G

G13 Incense 4G


G13 Herbal incense 4G

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G13 Incense has always been one of the best selling aromatic solutions on the market.

Fine Herbal Incense now has G13 Herbal Incense on deck.  G13 Incense has the aroma of the old L.A. Confidential G13 strain.  Now you don’t have to smoke herb to smell that aroma you used to love. It will feel like a real “hotbox” as soon as you light up G13 Incense.

Attract all your neighbors with the aroma G13 will put in the air.  Before you know it, where ever you are, you will be attracting everyone to the G13 Incense smell.

G13 Incense is one of the fastest selling products on our website.  Pick up G13 Incense in this 4 Gram package for only $25.00


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