Exotic Recreational Blend 1.5G

Exotic Recreational Blend 1.5G


Exotic Recreational Blend (E.R.B.) is an all natural smoking blend. 1.5 G

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Exotic Recreational Blend (E.R.B.) is an all natural smoking blend. It is perfect for anyone looking to unwind from daily stress. This product, when burned, will leave its users feeling blissfully relaxed and free from worry. Effects most commonly related to use of this product, are, a sense of well being, mild light perception alteration and a state of pleasant passiveness.

“The smell of it was a little bit different. Nothing bad… just different. The hit was pretty smooth… a little burning. The taste wasn’t that bad at all. A little after taste. I packed myself a nice little bowl and took a hit. Not sure if it was taking effect, so I took another hit and another.”

“After awhile my head start to feel “light”. My whole body started to feel “light”. Everything just started to relax. I had a great light feeling going through my whole body. After getting back from the movies, I packed another bowl. I took 2-3 hits from it and then the effects started to happen again. This time my body started to get very “turned” on, everything I touched felt great. Now I see why they call it E.R.B. The effect seems to last for awhile. Overall, great smoke. Little After taste, amazing HIT!”


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