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"Salvia Divinorum Changes Everything"

A new psychoactive substance has been discovered, the most powerful since the discovery of LSD. Known to be one of the most interesting psychedelics in the world, Salvia Divinorum will shape the next few decades of the new millennium.

This article is dedicated to the people who are studying the plant to aspire and bring the plant to light. So the question remains, what is Salvia Divinorum? It is a variety of diviners sage which is used in rituals and ceremonies by ancient shamans for it's divine and visionary qualities, used properly. The plant can produce profound visions and unearthly sites. These visionary sites classify as an ethnogen, a psychoactive substance used in religious context which affects the kappa opioid receptor of your brain. These receptors bind with Salvinorin A to the active ingredient in the organism that produces the desired chemical effect. It is the single most potent naturally occurring psychoactive compound known with an active dose of only 300 micrograms. Terrance Mckenna, a very popular American ethno-botanist, philosopher and psychonaut, stated only 1 gram can dose 7,000 people. Although extremely potent, it is not in the least way toxic, extensive research has been conducted in the past on the native people of Oxaca, Mexico as their culture has been practicing the use of the plant in their rituals for over centuries. The organic substance is non-addictive and will not cause any substantial or lasting harm to your body other than the effects of inhalation of smoke.

Not only does it enhance spiritual growth but also contains a number of benefits, such as increased self-confidence, intuition, judgment, perceptivity and a more focused concentration. Inclusively, it will bring a sense of calmness and peacefulness to your life which most users have lost in this material world. It also encompasses high medical value as it has been scientifically proven to effectively treat Severe depression, Drug addictions, Alcoholism, Anxiety disorder, Chronic pains, Schizophrenia, Arthritis, Sleep disorders, Bipolar disorder, Post traumatic stress disorder and Obsessive compulsive disorder ( OCD ). So you might ask yourself, what makes the plant illegal? Now for the record there has been zero incidents indicating any addictions, overdoses, injuries or death. According to Law Enforcement Agencies, the plant isn't even a contributing factor with local state crime rates, laws state the rare plant is not currently controlled under the “Controlled Substances Act" by the DEA, which doesn't result as a a federal matter. A very popular misconception on the plant is it's in the same classification of drugs as marijuana. Ultimately leading people to believe it should be made illegal. This statement could be further from the truth as this plant is altogether a different breed. A primary reason as to why it still remains on the market today is it contains high medicinal value, studies show new breakthrough research indicating that the mysterious plant has miraculous healing potential. A professor by the name of Bryan Roth, accompanied by the director of the National Institute on Mental Health’s Psychoactive Drug screening Program, has stated, the elemental components could essentially treat victims who suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Depression, Schizophrenia and Chronic pains.

As the research on develops, a pharmacologist by the name of John Mendelsohn has also been thoroughly experimenting with it's strange plant matter for the last several years, he has come to an astonishing conclusion that other derivatives within the plant could be constituted into functioning ingredients that eliminate cancer and HIV cells. This could very well be the breakthrough to the new millennium.

We are very excited to see how such a complex piece of nature will implement it’s various health benefits and finally become recognized as a medicinal herb in the medical community. Furthermore, we have dedicated our company to advance it’s value through the creation of innovation in medical products and services for the benefit of the medical community and human health worldwide. With every purchase we donate 10% of our proceeds to medical research foundations in hoping to discovering a cure which will change the world for the better.

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For anyone interested in learning more about it’s divine history please visit the following link for a more in depth explanation on the, Effects, After Effects, Chemistry, Methods Of Ingestion, Botany and Legality regulations.

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The issues with the legality has become a major concern in the plants recent years. Scientist and ethnobotanist have taken immediate interest. It wasn't until the viral outbreak of videos being uploaded on YouTube, which consumers recorded the result of the present effects. The realization then occurred, why focus on the reaction of users induced? Studies should be geared more towards the chemical standpoint of the plant. It would give researchers a clearer description of the drug’s classification. It turns out surprisingly, the effects on the brain are very different from other hallucinogens because of the fact it doesn't carry any severe properties such as dimethyltryptamine to become an outlawed substance. It has become highly recognized as a potential candidate as a medicinal herb. A discovery such as this hasn't been discovered since the beneficial use of marijuana was noted. So it all boils down into one question, ultimately what can the plat be used for? It is some type of party drug being abused by teenagers? Or a sacred spiritualistic plant which purpose is for religious rituals and spiritual cleansing.

It has the ability to unlock the unknown avenues in your mind, everything that is good and bad doesn't exist anymore. What your mind is trying to reveal to you isn’t some random generated thought. Studies suggest the images which reappear are much larger issues. It may even be possible you dream about these issues, though you may not remember. What is being projected should be viewed in an instructive manner, rather than destructive. Allow the trance to properly form, remain calm and still. Allow yourself to blank out any noises, relax motionlessly as the astonishing effects separates the mind and body. We are still light years away from understanding a journey as such, consist of. The ability to reflect on what is happening as if your mind is in it’s most pure form, where there is no mastermind bringing order and meaning to anything.

“It’s a local phenomenon that has become global “

We want to encourage our customers to understand the true importance of it's main purpose and what it does to the mind and spirit. To state clearly the plant should not be abused in any form or way. The plant is known to be a medicinal herb as shamans and other culture’s have been religiously using the plant for it’s essential healing capabilities.

It has been widely accepted in the scientific community, properties within the plant can be used to treat certain diseases. This is one of the major contributing factors as to why it is still made legal within the states. As we progress further into 2012 many state officials are making the plant harder to buy. It may be possible that one day it's plant based organism will be completely banned from the United States. Ethnobotanist and researchers from the scientific community have been conducting a significant amount of experiments to further develop our understanding. Studies show the Slavinorin A properties which wires our Central Nervous System to allow us to interact with the salvinorin-a and receive it’s full experience. What scientist can’t figure out is how the Salvinorin A unlocks certain information deep within the brain to give the user access to. Most would also agree it isn’t universally present in nature by accident, it has a real function.

It is all too interesting to be quickly swept under the rug. The sacred plant has humbly introduced psychedelics back into it’s cultural dialogue. Once you become accustomed, you will then be able to extract data and personal insight to fully be able to embrace the it’s experience. Every experience is different as your journey is based off the vibe of people you are currently around and the atmosphere of the environment. These contributing factors will be the reasons to embracing a good or a horrible trip. Studies suggest by meditating for a minimum of 20 minutes and being able to comfort yourself in a controlled environment will increase your chances of encountering a much more enlightened journey.

If the plant is able to become recognized as a medicinal herb it can provide universal medical care for all. The common perception only defies the plant to have a bad reputation due to the fact it’s users do not know how to properly use the plant, thus seeing videos on the internet of people having “bad trips.” If you would like to experiment further but you are constantly burdened with the worry of having a bad trip than you are thinking close mindedly. The plant has become a social phenomenon and categorized as a New World exploration. Most would ask, how could one benefit off such an insane mixture of sage plants? Researchers such as Terrance Mckenna would respond by saying “it gives real answers.” In the case of the medicinal herb in ritual confined realities, these shamanic energies can be discovered.

It requires dedication and intelligence to pursue the reasons as to why it exist and what it can successfully achieve changing the invention of humanity. You may very well receive a message so peculiar you may not know what to do with it. The journey of the plant will lead you to understanding the great mystery of life.

Thriving off it's beneficial properties:

If you haven't already heard, the herbal plant has been an essential part of nature for centuries.  In many parts of the world it is known to be extremely sacred as it is provides a traditional and organic way of treating people suffering from certain illnesses. What makes the plant based salvinorin-a properties such a unique substance is it's ability to reproduce salvinorin-a, which is a special property known to communicate with the 3rd eye. Even as of today researchers and ethnobotanist have a hard time understanding how the herbal plant got here, or what's it's purpose among mother nature. Was it intended for nature or human beings? This may be a question that we will never be all be to answer, unless we will allow ourselves to take that ultimate risk and venture deeper in the mysteries of the herbal plant. With that said, it still doesn't answer the question as to what is it entirely made up of?

What we do know is the plant can be extremely beneficial if used properly. Extensive research has been conducted, statistics have shown is after smoking it's salvinorin-a people were able to think more clearly, there was significant increase in mood, the way of life was viewed and perceived adversely, a higher sense of calmness and bringing closure with past memories. For reasons such as these, many users have sought for spiritual cleansing and enlightenment. Effective studies have been supervised in rehabilitation centers adequately helping patients who struggle from depression, drug and alcohol addiction, alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and physical and mental chronic pain. Centuries ago when accustomed medicines lacked in the primitive world, Shaman's believed by absorbing the plant's salvinorin-a, it would ultimately navigate to the root of their illness. This was believed to be done by the power of the salvinorin-a opening the 3rd eye, the plant serves as a spiritual portal.

Researchers have stated, if more money could be funded into the herbal plant for further research then it would be possible for new cures and medicines to be developed thus more beneficial solutions could be given to the public. I.E developing new organic cures to diseases for HIV and Aids. This would also allow researchers to spend more time studying the history, thus coming to a much more constructive conclusion for it's natural presence, rather than permenately banning it from public use. Many would agree on the vast amounts of benefits one could gain, making the plant too valuable to be swept under the rug so sudden. 

How will you experiment?

You can purchase salvia divinorum anywhere that it is legal. Many states do not believe it is such a threat to ban permenately. You can make a purchase  online from dedicated websites selling the sage plant strictly. At we encourage you to do more research on how the plant was used by many shaman's and native people as a medicinal and organic remedy. We would like to change our customers view from it being a party drug to what the plant served as. Natives who thrived off the land. If you are a beginner enthusiast then we would recommend our 30X extract as it is the perfect introduction to the spiritual and new world. You will be leaving behind past memories and embracing a new set of life goals.

Our recommended extract of 30X strength ( 1 gram )

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